weekend hiking trips

After having a long week at work. After the hustle and bustle of the week, you would need time to clear your head off the stress or you are probably trying to shed some weight. One of the best things to do during the weekend in order to help yourself and also keep your body fit is to go hiking. I can assure you that you are not going to regret it. I would advise, that you decide on the route you would be hiking and the duration before you go hiking. This will help you manage your time and still have fun exploring your weekend hiking trips.

Here are some of the few things you would need to take note of before you embark on that weekend hiking trips:

What is a reasonable distance to hike in a day?

Trying to have some fun on your weekend hiking trips, you would not want to engage in an activity that would stress you the more or in a worst-case scenario, waste your precious time. Generally, a reasonable distance varies from person to person. A reasonable distance from Mark might be too hectic for Oswald. Hiking could be energy-consuming if you go beyond your capacity.

There are factors that determine what a reasonable distance should be for an individual. There are hikers who could go 30-50miles in a day, although I do not recommend that you do the same.

A distance between 5-20 miles is okay for the day, but if you have the capacity to do, then go ahead.

How many hours should you hike in a day?

This varies as well. Factor such as

  1. the topography of the route: if the route is has a steep gradient it would reduce your speed which will, in turn, make you spend more time.
  2. The weight of your backpack: carrying a backpack with heavy stuff would consume a lot of energy and you would definitely need to rest.
  3. The distance you plan to hike: apparently, 8 miles distance would consume more time than 5 miles journey. You would need to put this into consideration as well.
  4. Speed: your speed says a lot about your hiking duration. At an average speed of 3mph, you could cover 20miles in 6 hours. Hiking for 6 hours is good enough for you in a day.

Can hiking burn belly fats?

Hiking is not just for the fun alone, it has other benefits embedded in it. it helps to burn calories( a lot of it) in form of fats. Hiking is one of the best ways to lose weight. It works well to lose belly fat. When you hike, you engage a lot of the muscles, some of which the rigorous exercise at the gym would not have. When you make hiking a regular exercise, you would definitely shed some weight.

Is hiking once a week enough exercise?

In case you might be wondering if hiking is an exercise in the first place, talk more of it is enough to exercise for the week. After all, it is just you moving around terrain, but hey, hiking is just as good exercise as any other form of exercise you know. It is a type of cardiovascular exercise. Depending on the type of terrain you hike on, the distance of your hike, and the duration you spend hiking, in the right proportion should be enough for a week. To have a good hike, that would be enough for the week, you should be able to hike for an hour straight up without resting. Hiking for about 15-25 miles in a day should be enough for a week.

Other benefits of hiking trips

Weekend hiking trips could be fun and also be a very good way to lose weight without all the rigorous gym sessions, but there is more to hiking than just those two. Here are some of its other benefits.

  • Hiking prevents sleeplessness: hiking helps you to relax better. This does not have to do with getting tired from hiking alone. Exercises generally help to calm your mind, hence having a good sound sleep.
  • Hiking makes you stronger: continuous hiking helps to strengthen your muscles, which in turn makes you stronger and prevents frequent injuries.
  • Relief: hiking relieves you of stress. Having to view nature in its awesomeness helps you to think less of the hustle and bustle in the outside world.

weekend hiking trips

What should I pack for my weekend hiking trips?

You don’t just wake up then hit the trails without the necessary gears for hiking. It is going to be more stressful than you can ever imagine. Whatever your reason(s) to go on a hiking trip is, you would need all the necessary gear to achieve the purpose. Here is a checklist of things you would need for your adventure.

  • Hiking backpack: you need this to pack most of your supplies.
  • Clothing: you should get the appropriate clothing for the weather you would be hiking in. This covers your footwear as well.
  • Food and water: you should pack this in excess. You would need plenty of it. That is what will keep you going.
  • First aid kit: there have been recorded cases of injuries. You should go with the first aid box, just in case, there is an accident. You would need to take care of yourself.
  • Navigation: some of the trails might be confusing, you would need tools like a compass, map, or GPS devices to know your trail, so you do not go off track.
  • Trekking pole: this will help you when climbing a steep gradient or walking on a steep slope to maintain your balance.
  • Friends: hiking with a friend does not only make your hiking fun it also increases the distance you go and the time you spend hiking. Your friend could also help you with navigation.

weekend hiking trips


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Conclusion: weekend hiking trips

Those rigorous gym sessions do have an alternative. It is called hiking.  Hiking will not only make you physically fit, but it also helps with your mental health. It is the best way to enjoy your day off or weekend. You get to relieve yourself of all unnecessary stress. It also a time to have some fun. Note that your gears are necessary for all the benefits you enjoy from hiking. So always go hiking with the gears needed.

Have fun hiking cheer.