Trophy hunting facts

Hunters love to explore the wild. It gets more interesting when there is a wide range of games to hunt from. Rich hunters or hunters that are sponsored by the rich usually engage in trophy hunting. It is considered as hunting for the elite. Trophy hunting is a mode of hunting which involves the killing of wild animals such as elephants, bear, leopard, rhinoceros and so on, for sport. The animals are the trophy and it is usually done just for the pleasure of it. Trophy hunting facts are the most valuable part of hunting.

The hunters keep parts or the whole animal as the trophy, usually hung on a wall in the trophy room as a trophy hunting facts. Trophy hunters pay a lot of money to the government to get hunting permits or license before taking part in the activity.

The most hunted species are usually the big five game, in no particular order, which is Elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo, and rhinoceros. They are called the big five because hunters consider them to be the most difficult to hunt. There are several schools of thought concerning the morality of the activity. Every year more than 80 thousand wild animals are killed by trophy hunters for sport. Although some trophy hunters might eat the meat if their kill but that is not the main purpose of the activity.

Trophy hunting is predominant in countries like Canada, Zimbabwe, USA, South Africa among others. South Africa has the most hunting industry in the world, with USA being the largest importer of trophy hunts.

Why is trophy hunting legal?

Many countries of the world still consider trophy hunting to be legal. Countries like the United States, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe among others. Although it is legal, there are laws guiding it. Trophy hunters are required to obtain hunting permits from government agencies, which are usually very expensive, more than $2000 per game. The money gotten from the permit is then transferred to organizations concerned with the conservation of wildlife. The money is used to protect other species, especially the endangered species. There are laid down laws that prevent the incessant killing of games. This makes trophy hunting different from poaching.

In some countries, you are not allowed to kill more than one fame from a species. There are specific periods you are allowed to hunting and specific weapons recommended for hunting the game to avoid cruelty.

Trophy hunting facts

Why is trophy hunting bad?

Just like every other thing with advantages and disadvantages, trophy hunting has its own bad sides. The disadvantages are based majorly on issues with the ecosystem.

Several countries of the world have banned trophy hunting in parks and forests. Countries like Kenya and Rwanda. This is majorly due to the fact that it increases the rate at which endangered species of animals such as Tigers, bears, elephants go into extinction and many consider it as a cruel mode of hunting.

A lot of animal activists are pushing for the banning of trophy hunting. Some trophy hunters are not professional hunters, they hunt the animals in the cruelest way possible. Many animals do not die instantly from the shot, they sustain injuries and they get trailed by the hunters for several hours before the hunters finally kill the game.

Some hunters even hunt games with arrows. There is no way a large animal like Buffalo would die from an arrow shot. Although, there are laid down rules guiding the hunting of big games it is not strictly enforced. This is closely related to poaching, some hunters might kill more than the accepted number. Many also believe that trophy hunters do not consider the welfare of the animals. They are only interested in getting their trophy.

Trophy hunting facts

Do trophy hunters eat the meat?

There are a lot of trophy hunters who hunt for the bragging rights alone. In fact, most trophy hunters hunt for bragging right. They hang the head or other parts of the animal on the wall of their trophy room to take pictures and show their friends and family how strong and fierce they are. Although there are always exceptions. There are trophy hunters who take the meat of their kill along for trophy and its consumption.

Moreso, there are several countries with laws that make it compulsory for every trophy hunter to take their kill out of the park. They either consume it themselves or share it among the locals or they donate it to zoos to feed other predators.

Why do trophy hunters kill?

Trophy hunting facts are basically the hunting of wild animals for sport and the trophy for the sport is the animal. They hunt these animals so they can take pictures with them and brag about their hunting prowess. They hang parts of the animal usually the head on the wall in their trophy room. In very few cases, some trophy hunters hunt animals with the intention of controlling the animal population. Which is a good cause if properly managed. It helps to strike a balance in the ecosystem. Also, safari club international a US organization composed of hunters usually conducts a hunting competition where hunters hunt for big games.

Does trophy hunting help the economy?

A trophy hunter has to pay a huge amount of money to get a hunting permit. They also pay a huge amount for every game they hunt. All the money paid is then transferred to the government’s purse. The money is used for the conservation of wildlife and if properly managed, helps to boost the economy of the state. It is a way of generating revenue. Countries that allow trophy hunting make above 200 million dollars from trophy hunting.

It also helps in creating jobs in rural areas. Although there are allegations that some countries mismanage the funds.


Conclusion: Trophy hunting facts

Although the morals of hunting are questionable, it still has a lot of benefits. Trophy hunting helps with the conservation of wildlife, also trophy hunting is a better substitute for poaching. Poachers will hunt at will without paying a dime but trophy hunters pay a lot of money before they are allowed to hunt. Unlike poaching, trophy hunting is controlled.

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