Cheap ways of treating knee pain after hiking 2021

Hiking is a recreational activity that serves as a form of general body exercise, helping you strengthen your muscle but unfortunately, there are cases where you could experience runner’s knee which is also known as patellofemural pain syndrome, while or after hiking, a medical condition which causes pain in the knee, therefore, treating knee pain after hiking are common for mostly in first-timer hikers.

It is usually mild but the severe cases are very rare.  Runner’s knee is not subjected to affect first-timers only. Avid hikers could experience it as well.

Most times this pain is experienced around the kneecap and at times behind the cap; either way, there is a need to give yourself first aid, especially with the fact that you would not get direct medical attention on the trails.

This article contains information needed in treating knee pain after hiking. Ensure you read to the end in order to get the full details on treating knee pain after hiking.

What helps treating knee pain after hiking?

Runner’s knee or hiker’s knee as the case may be, are not always severe. The severe cases are very rare and can be managed with the help of medical personnel. Most times the pain would naturally relieve you but there are ways to speed up the rate of relief you would enjoy. The following are some of the things to do;

  • Rest: this is the first thing you need to consider. Immediately you notice the pain building up, you need to take a break from whatever you are doing and rest your leg. Most times the pain would subside on its own after having enough rest.


  • Apply ice: in case the pain is yet to subside, you could help reduce the level of pain around your knees, by placing ice or a really cold substance on the affected area. The only issue with this is the fact that ice is one of the essential gears and you might not have any. More so ice is not a thing you could easily find around your trail. If you have had a case of a runner’s knee or had an accident that affected your knee or it is probably your first time hiking, it would be good you take ice along with you, in case there is an emergency.


  • Compress: the pain might cause your knee to swell. To avoid this, you need to allow a bit of compression. You should wrap a bandage on your knee, leaving a small hole around the cap. This helps in preventing your knee from swelling. Also, ensure that the affected knee is raised, usually above your heart.


  • Medications: there are drugs you could use to help reduce the pain. You can use analgesics, although it would be good that the drug is administered according to a doctor’s prescription.


  • Massage: a light massage on the affected area can help relieve you of the pain. You should try it out.

treating knee pain after hiking

Why does hiking hurt my knees?

The factors that could cause your knee to hurt while hiking are numerous and the pain might aggravate when you do not take note. Knowing some of the factors might help in preventing the patellofemoral pain syndrome.

  • Tendonitis: this happens as a result of heavy activities on the leg which in turn have an effect on the tendons. This might result in the swelling of the affected area.


  • Weak glute: engaging in a rigorous exercise or hiking on a very steep gradient or steep slope for the first time might cause your knee to hurt due to the weakness in your glute. To avoid this, you should reduce the distance you hike and watch the terrain you are hiking on. You should avoid hilly terrains, especially if it is your first time or after a long time.


  • Record of injury: if you have had a record of injury or have hit your knee on a hard surface it might cause your knee to hurt while hiking. Others include malalignment in which the bones are not properly lined up as well as weak thigh muscles.

treating knee pain after hiking

How do I get rid of knee pain from walking all day?

Prevention helps a lot. It is in fact better than looking for a cure. Preventing these phenomena would help you enjoy your hiking trip better. Below are some of the preventive measures to take

  • Engage in a mini exercise: before you hit the trails, you should try stretching your body and engaging in other mini exercises. This helps to warm up your muscles and gives elasticity to the muscles.


  • Make your gears lighter: the weight of your body and the gears you carry would all have an effect on your knees. You should remove the gears that are not necessary from your backpack in order to enjoy your adventure.


  • Hiking poles: hiking poles are not necessarily for older hikers alone. Young hikers are advised to use it as well. It helps to reduce the strain on your knee.


  • Knee braces: they give stability to your joints while you hike. You could as well use kinesiology tapes.


  • Good footwear: your gears are very important in having an amazing adventure. while choosing your footwear, you should ensure it is the best, the one which fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear, having good arch support and shock-absorbing feature.

treating knee pain after hiking

How do you treat hiking knee?

Hiker’s knees are usually mild and could be easily treated. Although there are severe cases which is rare. Some of the treatments of mild cases include;

  • Taking a rest immediately you notice the pain.
  • Physical therapy could help address and heal the pain.
  • A light massage on the affected area could help.
  • You could also take medications and knee injections which inhibit inflammatory molecules’ production.

And in severe cases, surgery might be the best option.

treating knee pain after hiking


Conclusion: treating knee pain after hiking

Patellofemural pain syndrome is very common among hikers and it is usually not a serious injury and can be easily managed. Reading this article would help you get the things to do concerning hiker’s knee as it contains the basic information you need concerning treating knee pain after hiking. I hope this is helpful

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