Tent camping in 30 degree weather

Tent camping in 30 degree weather: Tent camping is fascinating and blissful, but as blissful as it looks like, you need to be fully prepared for things to expect. This is because you would be leaving the comfort of your home to a new location where you are not sure of getting all the amenities you have access to in your house.

One of the things to watch out for, before you go camping is the temperature of your campsite. Imagine going to a camp in a cold region without your cold gear clothing. You are definitely not going to enjoy your camping, if you survived the harsh weather condition.

Harsh weather conditions could be detrimental to the success of your camping. Room temperature is said to be temperature ranging from 68°F – 77°F. This is the temperature you are familiar with, but you can not this exact temperature everywhere you go. So you would need to prepare for the temperature you are going to meet at your campsite.


What temperature is too cold for camping

This question is actually relative. There are some adventurers or scientists who go camping in extremely cold regions. This set of people are professionals and are used to such temperatures and most importantly have enough resources to take care of them throughout the camp.

You would not expect someone who wants to go camping for the fun of it to be able to endure such temperature. So, for someone like you, who is probably going to camp for the first time or who seldom goes camping you definitely can not imitate those professionals.

In order to stay alive while camping, a temperature below 45°F is too cold for new campers. Although this is subjected to other factors like the body physiology and the nature of gears used.

Tent camping in 30 degree weather

Is 30°F too cold for camping?

For a nighttime temperature, the answer is an absolute yes. Even for those who live in cold regions. It is true, that there are people who live in climates colder than that but the truth of the matter is that they do not sleep in tents. They sleep in the comfort of their homes.

With a heater working all night, which can not be moved around or installed in a tent. 30°F is definitely too cold for camping. Although problems like these have a temporary solution. And that is what I am going to share with you.


How to keep tent warm in the cold

Using the same standard of heater you use in your house in a tent might not be a wise choice or might even be impossible to use because it is usually not portable. There are other ways to make your tent warm enough.

  • Get a portable heater: there are heaters, that are definitely not as big as the ones meant for homes, that could be used. They come in different sizes and types, such as a gas heater, electric heater, halogen heater and so on.


  • Use of windbreak: the nightly wind might come with a very cold temperature and would need to prevent it from intruding. Use of windbreak would be your best option in case like this. Windbreaks are barriers used to reduce and redirect wind. You can you natural windbreaks by making your tent close to tree(s) or artificial ones which you can buy. Some tents come with accessories like this.


  • Insulate your tent: this could be done by using multiple layered tents or by covering your tent with a tarpaulin. This will help to trap warm air. You can also place rugs on the floor to insulate the floor.


  • Elevation: it is a fact that the higher you go, the colder it becomes. The top of the mountain is usually colder than the base. To avoid the effect of cold weather, it is advisable to choose campsite that is not too high.

Tent camping in 30 degree weather

How to keep yourself warm in 30 degree weather tent camping

Keeping yourself warm while camping is a survival skill that you need to possess. Asides from making your tent warm there are things you need to do to keep your body warm. Your gears have a huge role to play.

  • Wear thick clothes: this is one of the effective ways of keeping yourself warm throughout the night. This helps to trap in your body temperature and tends to repel the effect of the cold weather.


  • Put a hot water bottle around you: as simple as this might be, it is very effective. Fill water bottles with hot water and place them around you, it would keep you warm for some hours. That means you’d need to add a water bottle to your “things to take along for camping”.


  • Go to bed with thick gloves and socks: in such cold weather, you would need all the warmth you can get. Gloves and socks would keep your hands and feet warm. You can also put a scarf or shawl around your neck.


  • Use sleeping bags meant for cold weather

    The type of bag you use has a lot to do with the rate at which you lose heat to the environment. According to science, you get cold because you lose heat. This sleeping bag is specially made to keep you. Also, make sure your sleeping bag matches the temperature of your camp site.


  • Use sleeping bag liner: this is a way of complementing the effect of sleeping bag. A sleeping bag liner is usually made of silk which is a good material for trapping heat. It is put inside the sleeping bag.


  • Sleeping pad: this is another material that you would need, to keep you warm. It is placed on the floor to prevent the transfer of heat from your body to the floor. The sleeping pad is as important as a sleeping bag.


  • Sleep in multiple sleeping bags: one is good, two is better. The temperature of your campsite might drop beyond your expectation. It would be advisable, you use more than one sleeping bag. It helps to prevent the rate at which you lose heat to your surroundings.

Tent camping in 30 degree weather

Clothing materials to wear in 30 degree weather

  • Wool: clothes made from wool are perfect fabrics for cold weather. It creates natural insulation for the body and it is also water-resistant, which makes it a good option for camping in cold regions.


  • Fur: fur helps to keep cold out and also retain plenty of warmth. They are one of the best cold repellent materials you can get. Although acquiring it is illegal in some places.


  • Fleece: Fleece is a lightweight clothing material and also a cheap one.ot is a good option to keep you warm all through. Although it is not water-resistant. It would be good to avoid rain or snowfall while wearing it.

Conclusion: Tent camping in 30 degree weather

Nothing should stop you from enjoying, that wonderful recreational exercise you plan to engage in. not even the temperature. In order to avoid being stopped by all external factors, it is advisable to be well prepared for things that are to come.

And also you should get all the things you need for the camp before going. Your house might be far from the campsite. Get information about the campsite, follow the precautions stated above, and most importantly make a weather forecast before you go camping in the cold.

Have a blast.

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