Junior hunting license

Let it be known that it is illegal to go on a hunting trip without a hunting license, irrespective of age. If you hunt without a license then you are a poacher. There are several types of hunting licenses, most have to do with age and residence, although there is no minimum age for a child to go hunting. There is a specific age range for a junior hunting license (it varies). At this age, a child is permitted to use firearms approved for hunting, provided that the parent or guardian of the child is around to monitor him or her.

Who is a junior hunter?

A young hunter, usually a child younger than 16years old, who has a junior hunting license and hunts under the supervision of an adult of at least 18 years old. Having got the license, a junior hunter can proceed to bear firearms. There are specific games a junior hunter is restricted from hunting. The parent or guardian is to monitor the young hunter.

How old is a junior hunter?

This varies from state to state. If you are a potential hunter, you can inquire from authorities in charge of environment and wildlife conservation in your state or country as the case may be, to know the age range for junior hunters. Generally, the age range for junior hunters ranges from 10-16 years old, although in some states or regions, there is no minimum age for junior hunters. In most regions children younger than 10 years old are not allowed to bear firearms.

Can I hunt on my own land without a license?

There are different laws peculiar to each region. You need to be conversant with the laws of your state or country. On a lighter note, you own your land, it is your property but wildlife is the property of the government. You have no right to hunt wildlife without a license, even if the game is in your private land. Although, in very rare cases some states permit you to hunt on your land without a license. If at all you want to hunt, be it on private land or a reserve make sure you get your hunting license, to be on a safer side.

How important is it to have a hunting license?

There are a lot of animals going into extinction, some are endangered species and the government is making the necessary effort to control the rate games are been hunted. The major factor that differentiates a hunter from a poacher is authorization. The license gives one the authority to hunt. A junior hunting license is as important as hunting for beginners.

The major reason why you must have your license before you start hunting is to curb the over-harvesting of wildlife. The fact that you have a license does not give you the authority to hunt every game you wish. The license does not cover all animals. This helps to conserve and manage wildlife. If there was no need for a license, everyone would go into the forest to hunt and that would be detrimental to wildlife and the ecosystem.

If you hunt without a license, you would have to pay a huge fine, which is way more than the amount you would have paid to get a license.


Junior hunting license

Do I need a license to get hunting gun?

There are certain laws guiding the purchase and possession of firearms. These laws vary from state to state. Usually, you would need a license before you can purchase or possess a gun(s). In some countries hunting guns is not classified as firearms, although you might have to go through some processes to purchase the gun. If you hunt with a pistol, you might be required to get a license. Generally, you really do not need a license to get a hunting gun all you need is a hunting license.

How do I get hunting license?

One thing that makes you a hunter is your hunting license. Your gun is secondary. You are a poacher if you do not have a license, which basically means, you are a lawbreaker. So, if you are enthusiastic about hunting and would love to go hunting, the first thing you should think of is your hunting license.

You do not know how to go about it? Do not worry. Here is a breakdown of things to do and how to go about getting your hunting license.


Requirements for application: a means of identification, hunter safety certificate, proof of residence.

  • Go for hunter safety course: this is a course(mandatory in most states) that teaches and gives an overview on how to handle firearms, how to identify games, best hunting techniques, basic first-aid, how to kill a game without damaging the meat, the type of clothing to wear while hunting, where to hunt, hunting laws in your state and many more. Every hunter is expected to take this course except military men and children under the age of 12years. You get a certificate after completing the course.


  • Get the form: after the completion of the hunter safety course, you are to visit the official website of your state’s wildlife management to get the form. Register. Fill the form. Specify if you are a resident or not. Let it be known that the safety certificate is a prerequisite.


  • Confirmation: having completed the form you would receive a confirmation. You would be notified on the day to get your license and tag.


How long does the license last?

Just like every other license, you would need to renew your license. The expiration date varies, but it is usually within 10-12 months. You might have to renew your license before the expiration date.

Conclusion: Junior hunting license

Like I said earlier, your hunting license is as important as your hunting trip. If you want to go hunting make sure you have your hunting license. Acquisition of a hunting license is not as rigorous as the acquisition of other licenses, you really do not have any excuse for not having a license.  Get a junior hunter license for your child and wards before you allow them to shoot a game.

The government is trying to conserve wildlife and I think everyone should be part of the movement. Do not be a poacher. Get your hunting license.

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