Hunting trips for beginners 2021

Hunting trips for beginners: Hunting is as old as man. Though old, it has always grown with human civilization; it has to seek and capture wild animals using a weapon of choice. It is a recreational activity, usually for games. You would need to decide on the type of hunting you would like to engage in before you embark on a hunting trip, be it rifle hunting, bow hunting, or spear hunting. You get better at things you do continuously, so you would need to choose your weapon wisely as a beginner.


Things you need for your first hunting trips for beginners

Going on a hunting trip without a weapon and several other essentials cannot be tagged as hunting. So, before you embark on that trip, you would need prior knowledge of everything you need for your first hunt. Here is a checklist you would need for your first hunting trips for beginners.

  • Hunting license: it is considered illegal in many regions to hunt animals without a license. This license certifies that you have what it takes to hunt and it helps to conserve wildlife. You would be seen as a lawbreaker. To distinguish yourself from poachers, you had better get a license.


  • Weapon: Rifle, bow/crossbow, or spear. This is solely based on choice, but then, it is best to start with something easy as a beginner. If you are skilled with archery, you can choose a bow but if you are not I would recommend that you choose a rifle as your first weapon, because you would need to be highly skilled with a bow before you go bow hunting.

As a beginner, Is good not to consider spear hunting, you can not hunt small game with spears, and also you would need to get very close to your game stealthily. This might be difficult to achieve because most animals have a well-built sense of smell. They can perceive your scent.


  • Clothing: waterproof boots, hat, gloves, socks, jacket, pants, goggles, among others. Go orange with your clothing. This is a kind of camouflage. Most find it hard to notice an orange colour. Also, your raincoats should be orange.


  • Backpack: this is obvious. You would need a backpack to pack all your supplies.


  • Bug repellent: bugs could be a huge disturbance, and that is the last thing you need for your adventure. So get yourself some bug repellent before you go hunting.


  • First aid kit: you might not need it, but you should go with it. You cannot be too sure of what to meet. There might be an accident; you would need to treat yourself.


  • Headlamp/flashlight/batteries: your trip might extend into the night. It would come in handy, except you are a feline lol.


  • Compass/map/phone: you would need this, especially when you are not conversant with the area.


  • Food and water: go along with extra food. You might take longer than you expected. Hunting can be energy-consuming.


  • Go with a friend: a friend, in this case, has to do with one who has had hunting experience. He or she would stand in as a chaperone.


  • A good shower: several animals are very sensitive to smell; they flee immediately to pick the smell.

How much does it cost to go on a hunting trip?

There is actually no constant estimate. It varies with your locality, the hunting method, the type of game, and so on. Hunting could be quite expensive. You have a lot of things to spend money on. The license, rifle and ammo, bow quiver and arrows, clothing, and all other essentials. The cost ranges from $500 to several thousand dollars.

Hunting trips for beginners 2021

What should every hunter have

Certain things qualify you as a hunter, even as a beginner. These things are essential for your hunt.

« Your weapon: depending on the method, as a hunter you should have weapons peculiar to your preferred hunting method.

« Navigation: this is an essential skill you should have before you go on any trip. You should be able to read a map and find your way around the forest.

« First aid: this is another essential skill. In case of an accident, you should take care of yourself; else you might be subjected to predators. It would help you with a basic understanding on how to stop bleeding.

« Binoculars: stealth is one of the skills you should have, and binoculars would make it easier for you. You would be able to see your game from a far distance and that gives you an advantage.

« Pocket knife.

« Lighter: to make fire, to keep predators away at night.

Hunting trips for beginners 2021

What is a good age to start hunting

There is no particular minimum age for hunting, but it is wise to let a child hunt only when they are physically and mentally stable enough to hunt. Since mental stability does not have anything with age, it might not be easy to give a specific age limit. Ten might be a good age for a child to go for his or her first hunt. Although there are many opinions concerning the minimum age and simplifying things, some regions have age limits for hunting. You get to know the age limit in your state when you get your license.

Best time to hunt

When not to hunt

  • Afternoon: This is a period when animals are most agile. They give hunters a difficult time to hunt. Avoid hunting in the afternoon if you want a fruitful outing as hunting trips for beginners are concerned.
  • Rainfall: you might not get to see any animal roaming about. They would all be in their shelter. Except if your deer is your focus. You can hunt deer at any time of the day.

When to hunt

  • Morning: it is recommended to go hunt very early in the morning, it gives you a better chance for success.
  • Evening: generally, it is best to hunt when it is still dark. It gives you an advantage over the game especially for personnel on hunting trips for beginners.

Conclusion: Hunting trips for beginners

“Be prepared”. Hunting is no joke. It would help if you had a lot of focus. As much as you need accuracy to make your first shot, You would need to possess the essential skill I stated earlier. especially if you are planning your hunting trips for beginners.  Having the best weapon alone is not enough, be cautious of the cloth You wear, the way you approach the game, the kind of food You eat. You are going to enjoy your adventure when you follow this thing.

Hunting trips for beginners 2021

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