Best Preferred 5 Hunting dog ear protection for your dogs 2021

Do you know that dogs can actually go deaf? Especially the hunting ones, this and some other reasons are why you need to check on hunting dog ear protection. There are several things that could make a dog go deaf either temporarily or permanently. Dogs are very important for hunting especially for beginners. They help in making hunting even easier with their keen hearing which they use in tracking and retrieving prey especially bird dogs.

With such importance, you would not want your dog to go deaf, as it would affect the behavior of the dog and it could render the dog useless. Since a reduction in the frequency of the gunshot sound is virtually impossible, getting a hunting dog ear protection might be the best option to prevent hearing loss as well as keeping your dog calm. You do not have to stress yourself concerning how to get the best for your dog.

This article contains a list of some of the best hunting dog ear protection for your dog and a detailed review of each. Ensure you read to the end in order to get the full details.

Top 5 hunting dog ear protection.

  1. Mutt muffs DDR337 hearing protection for dogs.

There are several dogs that panic once they hear a very loud noise. You can help such dogs by buying this over-the-head hearing protection as it helps reduce the intensity of noise that penetrates the ear of dogs.

Although the product does not expel noise totally, it works well for hunting dog ear protection since they would need sound in one way or the other for hunting. Mutt muffs hearing protection for dogs is one of the best hunting dog ear protection you can get. It is designed to fit perfectly to the head of various dog breeds.

There is a size for your dog, all you have to do Is to get the overall circumference of the dog’s nogging, taking note of the largest point, that would help in determining your dog’s size. The muff comes with wide foam-filled ear seals that fit perfectly to the ear, giving your dog the maximum comfort it deserves. The muff is lightweight, your dog would not feel a thing.

For optimum fitting the muff comes with an adjustable strap, so you can adjust the muff the best way you would want it.  In case you are interested in color, there are varieties of colors to choose from, you can get black, red, blue and pink. The product is covered by the manufacturer’s one-year warranty.

Hunting dog ear protection


  • Reduces noise to a considerable high extent.
  • It offers comfort to the dog.
  • Great for repelling gunshot sound.


  • It is relatively expensive.
  • Not great for repelling firework sounds.
  1. PET hoodz dog calming hood.

If your dog happens to be the type that gets scared when there is a loud noise, then you might have to get this hoodie for your dog. The hood is made with durable material, containing a soft expandable fabric that helps in calming your dog.

It works well for reducing fireworks sound. The hood does not only prevent the loud noise from penetrating the ear of our dog and it also helps in preventing dirt from entering the dog’s ear canal as well as preventing a potential ear infection. This is a total package for your dog offering maximum protection and comfort to your dog’s ear.

You can easily wash the hood, using a washing machine as it is compatible with it. Being a lightweight hoodie weighing about 2 ounces,  your dog might not even notice it. Plus you can get it at an affordable price.

Hunting dog ear protection


  • It is washable and reusable.
  • Offers comfort to your dog.
  • Sold at a relatively cheap rate.


  • There is a limitation to the level of sound it can prevent.
  1. 2 pieces dog snood, neck and ear wrap snood.

You would be doing your dog a huge favour by buying this dog hood as it helps to keep your dog’s ear warm and helps to filter off unnecessarily loud noises. This dog snood is designed with double-layer cotton which is comfortable,  durable, washable, and thick enough to reduce the intensity of noise entering the ear, all these help to relieve dogs’ fear and calm dogs.

Although the product is thick, it is comfortable, and soft, it is very unlikely that it would choke your dog, neither will it harm its skin. The hood measures about 7.8 by 7.8 inches and would work for most dog breeds as it is highly elastic and will stretch to the desired size.

This product will work well for keeping your dog’s ear warm during winter. You get 2 snood when you order the package. This is a good choice for hunting dog ear protection. One major downside of this product is the fact that it might be tight at first for larger dog breeds but will adjust with time.

Hunting dog ear protection


  • It is relatively cheap.
  • Works for a variety of dog breed.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Reduces noise to a large extent.


  • It can be difficult to wear.
  • Tight at first for larger breeds.
  1. Happy hoodie for dogs and cats

Just like the name implies, this is one hood that would make your pets happy. If dogs could talk, they would definitely vouch for a happy hoodie a thousand and one times. It is one of the best hunting dog ear protection hoods out there as it helps to keep your dog calm.

The hoodie works well for expelling noise In case your dog is in a noisy area which might affect its behavior, you can get a happy hoodie for the dog, as it can help filter off unnecessary noise. A happy hoodie works perfectly in reducing firework sound, thunder, gunfire, vacuum among others.

The product is made with high-quality fabric and it comes in 3 sizes helping you get the perfect size for most breeds. This hoodie is recommended by vets as a key contributor to the healing process and prevention of hematoma. Very effective against ear infections.

Make sure you get the perfect size for your dog because the dog might remove it, if not snug fit.  The measurement of the head circumference helps In determining the best size for your dog.

Hunting dog ear protection


  • It is great for calming your dog.
  • The weight of the hood is almost unnoticeable.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Works well for reducing noise.


  • A bit expensive than other hoods.
  1. Heywear Dog neck and ear warmer, ear muffs.

This is one dog snood you should get for your favorite pet. It helps keep your dog’s errand neck warm even In cold weather as well as calming the said dog. If your dog is the type that is afraid of noise you should get this hoodie for her. It helps in expelling the unnecessary noise around. It is designed to give comfort and warmth to your dog, with the soft fabric which is elastic helping it fit many breeds.

The double-layer makes it thick enough to filter off all unnecessary noises in the environment.  It works well against thunder, fireworks as well as gunfire. The snood is breathable and comfortable, you do not have to worry about it choking your dog, plus it is washable and reusable, and lightweight.

In case you are not satisfied with the product you can contact the manufacturers, you might either get a refund or a replacement.

Hunting dog ear protection


  • It is durable and comfortable.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Noise cancellation.
  • It is compatible with washing get machine.


  • Sizing can be an issue.
  • A bit on the expensive side.

Frequently asked questions.

Can gunshots make a dog go deaf?

Dogs are generally more sensitive to sounds than humans. The hearing frequency of humans ranges from about 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz while dog’s hearing frequency is of larger value, ranging from about 40 hertz to 60000 hertz. This indicates how sensitive they are to sounds.

With the wide hearing range of dogs, it is imperative to note a sound with a frequency of about 25000 hertz can affect dogs negatively especially when the dog is close to the point where the noise is coming from. Noise with a measurement of about 120 decibels to 140 decibels is not safe for your dog’s hearing, whereas a lot of gun produces noise with a larger frequency and up to 160 decibels or more.

Although a single shot might not pose damage. If a dog should continuously hear a sound of such frequency, it might start developing hearing loss over time. This is why hearing protection is needed to help reduce the effect of noise on the dog and this is the reason hunting dog ear protection is needed and must be treated as essentials.

 Which is better between in-ear and over-the-head hearing protection?

It depends on what you consider as better. In-ear hearing protection does a great job by expelling noise to the minimum, almost totally. But then the hearing protection might not be a perfect fit for your dog and might eventually cause more damage to the dog’s ear.

You would need a vet’s advice on the type of in-ear protection to use. More so, blocking the dog’s ear totally is not a good idea for hunting dogs. Hunting dogs use their keen hearing for tracking and retrieving prey. In that case, over-the-head might be the best as it only reduces the penetrative power of the noise.

Although some dogs will not appreciate you wearing over-the-head hearing protection for them. You might have to study the behavior of the dog to know which would suit it better.

Ways to prevent your dog from going deaf.

Having known this, it is imperative to check for ways to improve your dog’s hearing ability. Below are some of the few practices to engage in;

  • Training and practice: I know you would be wondering how this could be of help in keeping your dog’s hearing. It is actually important. By practicing your shooting techniques and mastering it, you would not have to shoot multiple times.  Since continuous exposure to the high frequency of sound can be detrimental to its hearing.
  • Reduce the number of shooters: if it is possible to go alone for your hunting expenditure, it would be better. If not, talk to your team about the precaution to take. They should not just shoot randomly. A reduction in the number of shots is better for your dog.
  • Keep a distance: although dogs are very sensitive to sound, keeping a distance between you and your dog would help. This reduces the value of frequency that penetrates the dog’s ear.
  • Use hearing protection: this is one of the most effective. This helps to reduce the impact of noise on the dog’s ear. You can choose from any of the above products.

How to know if you dog is deaf

There would be a change in the behavior of your dog if it is suffering from hearing loss. Some of the symptoms are;

  • Continuous barking.
  • Starts to ignore the command.
  • Will not respond when you call its name.
  • Sleeps longer than usual.

If you notice any of these changes in your dog, there is a tendency that the dog is deaf.

How to treat a deaf dog.

There are two types of deafness, temporary and permanent. Either way, once you notice the signs contact your vet immediately.  Your vet would know what to do, might have to carry out surgery, and would advise you on the things to do.


Dogs, like humans, can go deaf when exposed to the high frequency of sound and it is even worse for dogs as they are more sensitive to sound. A deaf hunting dog is more or less useless for the task.  Getting good hunting dog ear protection gear can help reduce the tendency of a hunting dog going deaf.

I have reviewed some of the best hunting dog ear protection you can get and they are of great quality. It is imperative that you get one of the products in this article for your dog before you embark on your next hunting trip.

Take care of your dog.

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