Steps on How to put up a canopy tent 2021


How to put up a canopy tent: Nature enthusiasts are the best set of people you can ever meet. Not only do they love nature, but they also love doing things in the most unconventional way you can think of. They just love to see the natural world in all its beauty. When they talk of recreation, you can be sure it is not the conventional form of recreation.

One of the recreational activities of nature lovers is camping. If you’re a nature lover or just love having fun and would love to experience the awesomeness of camping, then I want to let you know that you are reading the right article, and here are the things to know about camping using a canopy as a shelter which help on how to put up a canopy tent.

Your form of camping shelter might be a canopy, a tent, a van, among others, but I would be focusing on the canopy as a shelter for your camp.

A canopy is a form of shelter used during camping, with a covering at the top alone to prevent showers and rays of sunlight. It is usually not covered by the sides; that’s the only difference between a canopy and a tent.


What is the easiest canopy to set up?

 When you talk of ease concerning a canopy, then you’re speaking of a pop-up canopy. This is because it is portable and very easy to set up alone. Below are the pop-up canopies you might be interested in on how to put up a canopy tent.


Eurmax EZ pop up canopy: this canopy is not just another canopy; it is quality and ease embedded in one product with strong frames that could stand the test of time, and they are sturdy and adjustable in height. It also has a waterproof canopy cover.

Adjusting the height of the frame comes with ease that is made by the wonderful lock system. Just one person can set this canopy up within a minute or two. It comes with several other accessories such as a windscreen, sandbags, pegs, etc. It is a 10×10 pop-up canopy.


ABCCANOPY pop-up canopy tent: this is another state of art pop-up canopy. It is a 10 x 20 canopy. This canopy is easy to assemble as well. You can set it up yourself within a minute.

This canopy prevents you from the rays of sunlight and showers because the cover is water-resistant. This canopy has a sturdy frame and can withstand external pressure.


How do you keep a canopy tent from blowing away?

One of the canopy challenges on how to put up a canopy tent is that it could be easily blown away when the wind is heavy. This could disrupt the fun, and in some cases, the canopy might get damaged, which I am certain you will not want to happen. Here are some of the things you would need to do to prevent your canopy from being blown away on how to put up a canopy tent.


« Adding to the weight: it is easier for the wind to blow off a light object than it is to blow away a heavy one. Some canopies come with accessories that add weight to the canopy, but you would probably need to attach sandbags to the foot of the canopy or heavy stones for the ones without such.


« Use of windbreak: this is a barrier used to reduce and redirect wind. Since wind is the major factor that could blow your canopy away, redirecting it reduces your canopy’s tendency to be blown off. 


« Correct installation: pop-up canopies are easy to install, but doesn’t mean it should be installed without care. Your canopy would be able to withstand the effect of wind If it is assembled the correct way. Assembling it the way might make it susceptible to the adverse effect of wind.


« Use of pegs and ropes: in a case where you do not have sandbag or access to stone, a better compromise is a peg. These pegs are in different forms. Some would need to attach ropes to, and others which you would just need to drive into the soil close to the canopy’s feet to grip the feet. The ones with ropes usually have their ropes attached to the cover of the canopy.


Difference between a tent and a canopy 

As I said earlier, several types of shelter are used for camping and the two major ones affordable by all are tent and canopy. Although they serve the same purpose, in fact

some people use the names interchangeably; they are quite different from each other. Here are some of the differences.

« Enclosure: any tent-like structure that is not fully enclosed is a canopy, while the one that is fully enclosed in a tent. Although there is some pop-up canopy that comes with accessories that help you cover some of the canopy sides, in most cases, canopies are only covered at the top.


« Ease of set up: generally canopies are easier to set up than tents. In some cases, it takes professionalism to set up a tent. Setting up a tent is way harder and takes longer than setting up a canopy.


« Height: usually tents are shorter than the canopy. A Canopy can be as tall as 10feets upwards, but most tents are way shorter than that.


How to set up a 10 x 20 canopy

Usually, the canopy tent’s frames are attached to each other with a truss, which makes it easy to set up. A flat surface is the best place recommended to set it up. Stretch out the frame and place the cover on top of the frame after unfolding it.

Make sure the corners of the cover aligns with the frame top. Push the truss upwards until it snaps. Adjust all the frame legs to your desired height, and you have your canopy fully set up.

How to prevent bugs in a canopy.

Bugs could be a huge disturbance to the fun of camping. Bug bites might irritate or even make you sick but could be avoided by observing these

« Make your canopy in a place that is not waterlogged or close to a river. Mosquitos and other bugs breed in such areas.

« Use mosquito repellent or other bug sprays

« Do not leave unwashed plates under your canopy. This might attract some bugs.

« Wear clothes that would cover your body.


Conclusion: How to put up a canopy tent

Camping is an awesome experience you can not afford to miss. Using a Canopy shelter for camping makes it suitable for accommodating multiple people. And that is what brings out the beauty of camping. Before going camping, make sure you’re fully prepared and be sure everything you need is in place.

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