How to keep tent dry in rain 2021

Imagine after setting up your tent and stocking it with your gears and other valuables, you then decide to take asleep for some minutes after the day’s hike, but woke to see all your stuff drenched from the inflow of rainwater. It can be very disturbing. In some cases, you might even be drenched as well. It could be worse if it is during winter. It makes you get cold hence its important to put some measures on how to keep tent dry in rain.

First-time campers might not be interested in going for future camping. You might not get the perfect home feeling while camping but there are several things you could do to make your tent dry and comfortable even when there is heavy rainfall. This guide will help you know things to do to keep your tent dry all day, whether there is a downpour, snowfall, or not.

Can you waterproof a tent to keep it dry?

If your tent is not built in a way to restrict the inflow of water, it would get you irritated. If you are not careful enough, the water might damage your valuables and some of your gears that are not water-resistant. The inflow and splash of water are avertable. You can prevent it by waterproofing your tent, which will help on how to keep tent dry in rain.

How do you secure a tarp over a tent?

There might have been a weather forecast indicating that there would be rainfall or snowfall. That should not deter you from having a nice and cozy camping experience. You can always prevent rain from entering your tent, damaging your stuff, and getting you wet by using a tarp to cover your tent.

Tarpaulin does not only prevent rain and keep your tent dry in rain, it also serves as a mini shelter where you can cook even when it is raining. Note that you are not to cook in your tent. The wind might blow off your tarp if not properly secured. You can secure your tent by following these steps;

  • Make your tent close to trees, especially if you do not have a tent pole. But if you do have, you can make your tent anywhere that is not in the direction of the wind.
  • Make four holes at the four corners of your tarp, provided there are no eyelets and guylines on the tarp. You can make more holes, depending on how large the tarp is and how firm you want it.
  • Run a line between two trees over your tent. If you have a tent pole, you can use it instead. You might need to run a line if you are using a tent pole. You just insert the tent pole in the eyelets on both sides.
  • Pull the tarp over the line you have tied to the trees, having equal halves.
  • Attach the ropes to the holes on the tarp, then peg the ropes to the ground including the guy line.

These should prevent your tarp from blowing off when there is heavy wind.

How to keep tent dry in rain

Can I put a tarp over my tent?

This depends mainly on the size of the tarp with respect to the size of the tent. You can put a tarp over your tent, but in case the tarp is way smaller than the tent, it is advisable to secure your tarp in front or by the sides of your tent.

How to keep tent dry in rain?

Having a dry tent is very important especially during winter. Not only will a wet tent floor get you irritated, but it might also damage your gears and have to buy new ones for your next camping trip. I can assure you that you will not enjoy your sleep if your tent is wet, even if you have the best sleep pads and bag. Here are some of the things you should do to keep your tent dry throughout, even while it rains;

  • Set up your tent on dry land. If rain eventually falls, it would take time before the water starts seeping in. Avoid waterlogged areas or setting up your tent close to a river or stream.


  • Spread your groundsheets on the floor of your tent, in fact before you set up your tent. Groundsheets are waterproof, it would prevent water from trickling in.


  • Come along with extra tarps. Use the tarp to reinforce the groundsheet. You should also use a tarp to cover your tent.
  • Clean up before entering your tent, make sure your body is dry. Avoid taking wet stuff into the tent.


  • Use windbreaks to redirect the wind. This will also help to prevent the tarp from getting blown off while it rains.


  • Use waterproof products throughout. Store your gears and valuables in waterproof bags.


  • Make sure your tent is well ventilated. Cross ventilation would prevent moisture from settling in your tent.


  • Use synthetic materials to pad your tent rather than using natural ones. Natural materials would absorb water and it is definitely not what you would want.

How do you keep the bottom of a tent dry?

It is important to keep the floor of your tent dry at all times. You are definitely not going to enjoy your rest when the floor is wet. You can make the floor of your tent dry by making sure your tent is set up on dry land that is slightly slanted.

Place the groundsheet on the floor of your tent even before the setup, to prevent water from seeping in. You can use multiple tarps to strengthen the groundsheet. Clean up, put off all wet clothes before entering your tent. For more comfortability, you should use a tent pad. Following all these steps should not only know how to keep tent dry in rain but also make it as comfortable as possible.

Conclusion: How to keep tent dry in rain

Knowing how to keep tent dry in rain is an essential skill for having a cozy camping experience. Good preparation would prevent your tent from becoming a mess. Making a weather forecast would help you prepare better. Aside from your tent, you should go with multiple tarps, groundsheet, tent pads among others.

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