Free Steps on how to hike downhill without hurting knees 2021

How to protect your knee from getting hurt while hiking a rough or hilly terrain would be the next thing to think about. There are several steps to take in order to achieve a painless hike which you will get in this article as it contains information on how to hike downhill without hurting knees

Outdoor activities are always amusing. As amusing and interesting they are, at some point in time, you would have to deal with the downsides that come with it. While hiking on rough terrain or in some cases a hilly terrain, knee pain which is known as Hiker’s knee is very common and it is a major downside.

If a hiker’s knee is not well managed, it could lead to serious injury and that is one thing you would not want happening to you on your first day hiking. So the big question would be how to prevent this from happening. If you want to prevent injury caused by knee pain or a tendency of injury, then you have to prevent knee pain from happening.

how to hike downhill without hurting knees


How do I protect my knees when hiking?

Hiker’s knee is not something you want to joke with. it could mar your awesome hiking experience. Here are some of the things to do on how to hike downhill without hurting knees  in order to prevent hiker’s knee and protect your knees while hiking;

        1). Gears: your choice of gear plays a huge role in the success of a hiking trip. If you want to keep yourself protected especially your knees during a hiking trip you should get good hiking gear. Below is a checklist of the gears you need, that would help your knees.

       2). Get good hiking boots or shoes: these are very important. A pair of shoes that fits in well with good traction and arch support. A shoe that is slippery is a terrible idea, not for hiking alone. Putting on a good hiking show would help reduce excessive pressure on the knee.

       3). Hiking pole: let it be known that these pair are not for older hikers only. It helps hikers to distribute their weight to other parts of the body, hence reducing compressive force. You should get a pair for your hiking, as it will definitely come in handy. If you have had any case of knee pain before then, a hiking the pole is a necessity for you.

       4). Knee braces: the use of knee braces could help reduce the tendency of the hiker’s knee. If you plan to go on very long hikes, you should wear a pair of knee braces especially if you have a recent case of injury on your knee.

      5). Switchback: you could walk anyhow on a plain trail but when it comes to hilly terrain locomotion style changes. Walking straight while going downhill is a terrible idea. If you want to reduce the tendency of hiker’s knee, you should consider walking in a zigzag manner. This walking pattern helps to reduce steepness.

       6). Go at your pace: do not walk too fast especially when moving downhill, this adds more pressure to your leg. Have some rest when necessary. It is advisable that you walk slowly. You can also hike with someone.

      7). Train your knee: hiking a hilly terrain can be tasking. Training your knee can help it get used to the rigorousness that comes with hike on rough terrain. This training would also help in loosening your muscles, which is good for hiking.

      8). Reduce the weight you carry: the weight you carry acts on the knee with a force almost double the quantity of the weight. Your knee takes most of the pressure. You can keep the knee in good condition by reducing the stuff you put in your backpack.


How do you train your knees for downhill hiking?

There are several physical exercises you can engage in, to help train your knee. These trainings would help strengthen your knee and probably help loosen your muscles. Below are some of the bodily exercises you can engage in which helps on  how to hike downhill without hurting knees;

  • Stretches: continuous body stretch will help loosen your muscles which in turn makes your knee become more flexible, which helps to reduce the effect of force while working.


  • Climbing of stairs: as simple as it might sound, it is very effective and would definitely make a difference and help strengthen your knee. Walking the stairs serves as a good way to mimic the rigorousness of the actual outdoor activity. You should walk up the stairs and down as many times as possible. With time its effect would start building up. You can carry a backpack to get used to it all.


  • Train with more weight: the weight adds more pressure to the knee which is a leading cause of hiker’s knee. Training with extra stuff while moving around would help keep you fit for the outdoor.


  • Gliding disc exercise: this exercise provides enough strength to the knee. Although it is a general body exercise, it works more on the knee. Smalls discs are used for this exercise, hence the name. The discs have two different surfaces mainly for the user’s comfort.

how to hike downhill without hurting knees


How do I stop my knees from hurting when hiking?

If you are not hiking on a steep slope, it would be good you stop and take some rest. If you still feel pain in your knee while hiking, doing the following might help on how to hike downhill without hurting knees;

  • Take some rest.
  • Stretch your body, including your knee.
  • Use a hiking pole.
  • Use a pair of knee braces.

how to hike downhill without hurting knees

how do I stop slipping while hiking?

You could suffer a serious injury when you slip while hiking downhill or uphill. Several things could cause this but there are some things to do in order to prevent it that helps on how to hike downhill without hurting knees.

  • Get a pair of quality boots or shoes with good traction and arch support. The traction has a huge role to play.
  • Walk-in a serpentine way.
  • Avoid wet surfaces.
  • Use hiking poles.
  • Take some rest when necessary.

Conclusion: how to hike downhill without hurting knees

Hiker’s knee is a common thing usually experienced by avid hikers. It could be very painful and if not properly managed, could lead to serious injury. There are several things first-timers could do to prevent this phenomenon. All you need to know concerning this is embedded in this article 0n how to hike downhill without hurting knees.

Have a painless hike.

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