Cheap Tips and Tricks on How to build a campfire for cooking 2021

Many people believe that a camp without a campfire is just a dry excursion, a very boring one at that. Campfire usually makes your camping experience more interesting.

It is very important for camping in a cold climate. Campfire keeps you warm, and it is also a good way to keep predators far away from your tent. You definitely can not do without eating, throughout the camp. In fact, eating would help to keep you warm, so you would need a source on how to build a campfire for cooking your food.

As a beginner, it is possible you do not know anything about camping. This article would give you an idea of things you need to know on how to build a campfire for cooking.

What does campfire mean?

A campfire is a form of outdoor fire in a camp, usually used for cooking. It is similar to a bonfire, just that a bonfire is wilder than a campfire. A campfire is also a point where you and your friends or family could gather to carry out some social activities, keep yourselves warm and most importantly prevent predators from coming close to your tent. Campfire makes predators skedaddle.

what does campfire means

What household items can you use to build a campfire for cooking.

There are three components of fire, which are heat, fuel, and Oxidant. Most household stuff would work as fuel and a source of heat. This is a checklist;

  • Papers: any kind of paper would serve as a good combustible.
  • Cotton balls: this would do the work of tinder.
  • Magnifying glass: you might have used it to start a fire while you were still a kid. It works. You can use it to focus the ray of the sun on a tinder which in turn produces heat.
  • Matches and lighter: this is used for ignition. It is a good source of heat.
  • Sawdust and snacks: they are good combustibles. They would work just fine as fuel.

Things to note before you build a cooking campfire.

As interesting as your recreational activity is, you would need to take precautions to avoid any form of tragedy. It is the least you would want. Here are some of the things you would need to know before you start a campfire;

How to build a campfire for cooking

How do you make campfire step by step?

Make sure everything you would be needing for your campfire is readily available. You can get some of the things you need around the campground.

  • Get a good spot for the fire. It is advisable to make your fire in a pit or ring.
  • Dig a hole of about 7 inches deep to use for a pit or use large stones to form a ring. This helps to prevent the spread of fire.
  • Get your fire starters:
  • Tinder: These are easily combustible materials for starting a fire. They are usually light in weight. Small twigs, papers, sawdust are all tinder
  • Kindling: this is a small piece of Usually bigger than tinder. Used to keep the fire burning. The tinder ignites the kindling.
  • Fuelwood: this is a large piece of wood or log. Fuel woods sustain the fire for a long time. You can get all this around in the campground. Make sure all the starters are dry, you would have yourself to blame If the woods are not dry.
  • Fill the fire area, pit, or ring with tinder.
  • Place two or three kindling on the tinder. Do not fill the pot with the kindling yet.
  • Ignite the tinder with a match or lighter. Allow the fire to grow, then add more tinder.
  • Add more kindling as the fire grows. Do not add too many at once, It might prevent the flow of oxygen and might smother the fire.

For a long-lasting campfire, add fuelwood to the blazing fire. You can then use it for whatever you plan to use the fire for. To cook your food.

  • Monitor the fire: make sure the fire does not grow beyond control.
  • Always have a bucket of water around you, to extinguish the fire. Especially if it happens to grow wild.

What is the best way to build a campfire for Cooking?

This depends on the purpose of making the fire In the first place. There are several methods of making a campfire. Irrespective of the purpose, a criss-cross campfire is the best fire lay for cooking and keeping yourself warm. It is a multipurpose campfire. The most interesting thing about this campfire is the fact that it lasts for a very long time.

To make a criss-cross campfire, fill the fire area with tinder, place two logs on the tinder, parallel to each other. Place some kindling on the tinder in a cross form. Add more logs as it continues to grow.



Conclusion: How to build a campfire for cooking

A campfire is just a wonderful sight to behold and nothing should pose as a hindrance to enjoying a wonderful night around a campfire. While trying to make your camp it is important to note that fire could get out of hand, so you should make effort to control the fire.

There are many methods of making a campfire such as a teepee, lean-to, star, crisscross. The crisscross method of campfire is a multipurpose campfire. It is regarded as the best campfire for outdoor camping. Hoping this article has shown you some cheaps tricks on how to build a campfire for cooking.

Take caution, ask questions.


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