Best methods on fishing with lures at night 2021

After a long day, you need something to set your hands on in order to cool off the pressure of the day. You finally decided to go fishing at night, a period considered to be the best for fishing with lures at night.

There is a high tendency of catching a lot of fish of different species, with the fact that the atmosphere is cooler, external predators like water birds and hawks are not active during this period as well as the fact that there is no interference from boats.

One of the things to do, in order to have a good catch, is to use the best lures for the job. There are tons of lures but going with the best for the species you want changes the narrative entirely.

If you plan to go fishing with lures at night, this article would serve as a guide for your fishing trip, offering you the information you need concerning lures for night fishing.

fishing with lures at night

Can you use fishing lures at night?

Except you want to use other methods of fishing, like fishing with a cast net. Nonetheless, If you would be fishing with a fishing rod you would need to get yourself a variety of fishing lures, and fishing at night is not an exception.

You would need lures for night fishing as well, just that there are specifics.

Not all lures you use during the day would work at night, so you might have to change lures, however, one thing that is certain is the fact that lures are needed.

Can you use fishing lures at night?

What colors of lures work best at night?

The first thing you would want to know is if they can see the lures at all. Technically, they can actually see lures at night, well, to an extent. Their vision is usually limited and using the wrong one would not bring out the best result. The level at which fish can see lures is dependent on several factors Like the species of fish.

Some species’ vision is better than others, especially smaller fish. Since their vision is not so reliable they use other senses like the sonar sense to detect food and movement. The color of lures used is also a determinant for a good catch.

Although colors work best during the day at night, bright colors might not work. Colors that cast more silhouette would be your best bet.

Colors like green, blue, brown among others would work well even when there is little or no moonlight. You could use other colors like red, orange when the moonlight is brighter but green would work just fine in all conditions.

Can you use fishing lures at night?

Can bass see lures at night?

Bass are special species of fish. They are usually not very active during the day, especially during summer. They prefer the cooler feel of the night and that is when they feed the most. Their vision is more developed than other species since they need to feed at night.

Bass would definitely see lures at night, although they might have to use their sonar sense, depending on the visibility of the environment. There are specific lures that bass are sensitive to at night, some of which are spinnerbaits, buzz baits, topwater, popping frog, crankbaits, swimbaits among others.

One thing that seems to be common among these baits and it is the fact that they vibrate more and bass are sensitive to those vibrations.

Can bass see lures at night?

What fish can be caught at night?

There are a ton of species of fish you can possibly catch at night. This is due to some factors. Some of which are temperature change, lesser disturbances and external predators, the level of things they can see as well as the sensitivity of their sonar sense.

Larger fish have a terrible vision as well as their sonar sense. The tendency of catching big fish at night is very low because they bite lesser than the smaller species.

This is a list of some of the fishes you can land at a night. Bass, flathead, catfish, walleye, carp, drum among others.

What fish can be caught at night?

Do fish like glow in the dark lures?

To a large extent, it seems logical. Since the water is dark and visibility is at its lowest, using fluorescent fishing lures otherwise known as glow in the dark lures looks like a really effective technique for catching fish at night. As much as this sounds logical, there are factors to be considered.

You would want to know if the fluorescent fishing lure is the right one for the species you plan to catch. Most often than not, fluorescent lures work well for marine fishes than they do for freshwater species. A lot of freshwater fish would not even consider it. In the right habitat, glow in the dark lures helps to catch more fish.

If you would be using a glow in the dark lure, make sure you are using it where the targeted species is dominant.

Do fish like glow in the dark lures?

What is the best time in fishing with lures at night?

There is no specific best time for fishing at night. It varies from one season to the other. There are also factors you need to consider before setting out to fish at night. These factors would help you plan your trip better. The best time to fish during winter is definitely different from that of summer and factors like moonlight could also affect your night fishing.

If you would be fishing during winter, 6 pm to 8 pm would be the best time to fish, while during summer you might have to wait until later in the night around 9 pm to midnight. The new moon might affect visibility, you should check when the moon is at its fullest, this aids fishing and fish bite better.

What is the best time in fishing with lures at night?

Conclusion: fishing with lures at night

If you really want to enjoy your fishing trip, fishing with lures at night could help you achieve that. Most species are usually more active at night, which is more like a license to catch more fish. The lure used is a huge determinant and there is a need to check out for the one that would go well with the species you intend to catch before you set out.

Setting your lures into motion would help attract fish more, very hopeful this piece of information helps you in fishing with lures at night.

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