best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots 2021

Choosing a pair of hiking boots can be tasking, there are several types in the market, all looking great making it difficult to choose. A pair of hiking boots might not necessarily be as fashionable as you would expect it to be. In this article, I have compiled a list of the best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots you should consider buying and the factors to consider before buying any hiking boots.

One of the most important gears for a hiking trip is your footwear. Your footwear could determine how long you would spend on the trail. Blisters could put an end to your adventure. Having comfortable footwear is bliss and would definitely make your hiking trip smoother. One of the best choices for hiking footwear is boots, especially if you are hiking on rugged terrain. Although hiking shoes are also wonderful.

You need a pair of boots that can withstand the elements that is lightweight which will not weigh you down, give maximum support to your ankles, has thick soles that can protect your feet on rough terrains that can provide you with the best grip while hiking a slope or slippery surface among others.

Things to consider before buying best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots.

The first thing is to make a conclusion on what you want. A pair of boots or shoes. Both have a lot of similarities and they are great options for hiking.

When compared to other types of footwear, you would notice that boots are made of heavier duty materials, have thicker soles, have waterproof tendencies and in terms of height, boots are usually taller than other hiking footwear. The advantages are just numerous.

There are things to take note of while choosing a pair of boots in order to get the best for the job. Although preference has a huge role to play, these factors would serve as a buying guide. Below are some of the things to check and put into consideration before placing an order on best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots or shoes;

  • Nature of the trail: before hitting the trails, you should consider the nature and topography of the terrain you plan to hike on. This will help you choose the right boots for such terrain. The type of boots you wear to plains might not be the best for sloppy or rocky terrains.
  • Traction: after knowing the nature of the terrain you would be hiking, you would need to check for the traction of the boots. The traction has to do with the tread pattern of the sole and this is what determines the grip level. The traction keeps you balanced, preventing you from slipping even while hiking a slope or slippery trail.
  • Weather condition of destination: some people buy boots for different seasons. Although you can get that would serve you for all seasons. You should check the weather forecast of your destination, in case it is during winter, you would have to go for the boots that can withstand cold weather to prevent the risk of hypothermia.
  • Weight: weight is one issue with hiking. Since you would be hiking a long-distance the last thing you would want is something that will slow down your pace. Reducing the weight on you becomes a necessity. Lightweight boots will help you walk faster and cover a longer distance. Although boots are made of heavy-duty materials, modern boots are designed to be lightweight. You should check for the ones that are lightweight.
  • Price: there are several types of hiking boots with varying prices. Make your research, this will help you plan your budget effectively in order to go for the best.
  • Height and ankle support: for ladies who would love boots with great ankle support you might want to go for full-length boots. Although full-length boots would be heavier than ¾ boots. You can go for either, based on your preference.
  • Break-in period: blister is one thing you will not be pleased to have on your legs. The fact that boots are made of heavy-duty materials might make it hard at first. You will need to wear it for some time before it finally breaks in, probably a few walks. The break-in period of different boots varies. There are new hiking boots with little or no break-in period. Even if the boots have no break-in period, the day for the hike should not be the first thing you wear.
  • Breathability and waterproof: although it does not seem logical to say a waterproof boot is also breathable it is possible. You can have a boot with an adequate circulation of air and is also made resistant to moisture. Both factors help in preventing blisters. Moisture in the boots makes your feet susceptible to blisters. It is imperative that you go for waterproof boots to prevent your feet from blisters.

Best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots.

  1. Merrell women’s Moab 2 waterproof hiking shoe

best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots

Moab is known for quality products. It is tested and trusted. The Merrell women’s Moab 2 hiking shoes is one of the best-selling shoes today, one of the reasons it is on this list. When compared to several other hiking shoes in its category, it is relatively cheap.

It is made of high-quality materials such as suede, leather, and mesh.  It is comfortable from the box, requiring little or no break-in period. The product comes with a good thread pattern, designed to have a firm grip, keeping you balanced on any terrain you find yourself. The arch and ankle support are great as well. The vibram sole of this product is one of its amazing features plus the high-performance rubber sole which is stable, durable, and resistant to slip makes it suitable for all terrains.

The sizing is true to size and it is designed to be waterproof although there are versions that are not waterproof. The closed-cell foam tongue keeps moisture and debris out, as well as the M select dry which lets moisture escape from the shoe, so your feet stay dry while moving. The product has heel cushioning which enhances user’s comfort which qualify it to be on this list of best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots.


  • Affordable price.
  • It is cost-efficient.
  • Suitable for most terrain.
  • Resistant to water.
  • Out-of-box comfort.


  • Waterproof capabilities do not last long.
  1. Manfen women’s hiking boots.

best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots

Boots are not meant to be fashion items. That might not really apply to ladies and that is why manfen women’s hiking boots are designed with a stylish touch. This is one of the best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots. The comfort that comes with it as well as the lightweight feature makes it a top pick. The Hydroguard seam-sealed internal membrane makes it resistant to water, keeping your feet dry while you walk.

The same feature allows for adequate air circulation. Manfen Is made with quality material, the outsole being rubber. This is a full-length boot that offers great ankle and support and protects your heel. The lace-up closure helps to secure your feet to the boots.

This boots has great traction, which makes it suitable for any kind of terrain, keeping your feet balanced as well as giving it a firm grip while hiking. It has shock absorption capabilities with great arch support and it is relatively cheap.


  • Offers great comfort.
  • The product is resistant to moisture.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.


  • Not true to the size you would probably have to buy ½ down your size.
  1. Clorts women’s waterproof lightweight hiking boots.

best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots

This lace-up hiking boots are made of suede, leather, and mesh. It is relatively lightweight when compared to other boots in its category. It is one of the cheapest with great quality. The removable dual-density sock liner helps to cushion your feet as well as absorbing shock while you walk. The ergonomics is just superb, designed to function in all weather conditions.

You do not have to worry about the break-in period, as it is comfortable from box. The lace-up closure helps in keeping your feet secure while you walk. The waterproof feature is one of a kind. Comes with Uneebtex breathable waterproof membrane which keeps your feet dry all day.

Designed with comfort in mind. It comes with a padded collar and tongue, heel-pull, all to offer great ankle support. The EVA midsole features arch and heel support, while the inner sole is made up of a removable memory foam, which keeps your feet from aching and finally the outsole features an advanced traction rubber sole that allows you to walk on slippery terrain, slip-free. With Clorts women’s hiking boots, blister is a thing of the past, blister-free of this unique product is a great feature when choosing the best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots.


  • Manufactured with durable materials
  • Offers great comfort.
  • Resistant to water.


  • Not true to size.
  1. Foxelli women’s hiking boots.

best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots

The main reason this product is on my list is due to its quality. Asides from quality the customer service of the brand is top-notch. The brand ensures a risk-free purchase with a 30 days money-back guarantee, in case things go south, and a 1-year warranty.

You can always return it if you are not pleased with the product. These are really good hiking boots made with comfort in mind. Suede, leather, and breathable mesh are the products that make it comfortable. The kingtex waterproof membranes help to seal out water as well as the breathable mesh collar and gusseted tongue which allows airflow keeps your feet dry.

For maximum comfort, the insole is made with removable foam, the midsole with a shock absorber EVA which minimizes impact on the joint, and the outsole made with anti-slip rubber with a great thread pattern that offers arch and ankle support make this unique product to be among the list of best womens lightweight waterproof hiking. boots.


  • Cost-efficient
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Offers comfort
  • It is Durable.


  • Not true to size.
  • Break-in periods might take long.
  1. Timberland women’s white ledge mid-ankle boot.

best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots

For those, who want best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots, this is one of the best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots to consider buying. Timberland is known for making wonderful footwear and this product is not of lesser quality. It is made with 100% leather with rubber sole which is designed to resist slipping with great traction.

The product features shock-absorbing cushioning, suitable for rugged terrains and slippery surfaces. The padded collar and tongue with the gusseted tongue provide additional comfort and also keeping debris out.

Plus it provides ankle support. Dual-density EVA midsole helps with absorbing shock. The product is designed to be waterproof with seam-sealed waterproof construction.


  • Offers comfort.
  • Ankle support.


  • Not the best for very cold weather.
  • Takes a long to break in.
  1. Columbia women’s newton ridge plus waterproof amped hiking boots.

best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots

Talk of comfort, then you are probably referring to Columbia women’s newton hiking boots. Lace-up closure boots help in securing your feet while you walk. This product is made with high-quality materials such as suede, leather, rubber sole, mesh upper materials among others.

The padded tongue and collar help to keep your feet comfortable. Its great ergonomic design makes it the choice of many. The seam-sealed Omni-TECH membrane makes the shoe resistant to moisture as well as breathability. Which keeps your feet dry all through.

It is proven to be durable and would last long. The lightweight Techlite midsole provides long-lasting comfort and cushioning. It has a non-marking Omni-grip rubber outsole which offers great traction, keeping you balanced while you walk on a rough trail. Suitable for all conditions and terrains.


  • Has a good design.
  • Offers great comfort
  • Value for money.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is resistant to water


  • A bit on the expensive side.

Conclusion: best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots

Getting a lightweight waterproof hiking boot should not be an issue any longer. I have highlighted the best womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots you can get and all you need to know while choosing. All products on the list are resistant to water and lightweight.

You should consider any of the products. They offer value for money, even the expensive ones are worth the cost. You should check them out. I hope you find the one that works best for you.

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