best trolling rod and reel combo 2021

An already assembled or pre-assembled best trolling rod and reel combo from the manufacturer relieve you of the stress involved in trying to fix it yourself, which might be difficult, especially when you are a first-timer who does not know how to assemble it. Trolling is an interesting mode of angling, usually considered the best fishing technique.

It involves an angler dragging bait or lures through the water in an attempt to attract the attention of some specific species of fish, some of which are tuna, catfish, salmon walleye, marlin. Trolling works for both marine and freshwater fish. To a large extent, you can use any kind of fishing rod for trolling.

Any casting rod would work well. Especially while using a boat. The boat would create a trolling effect with the waves. While using any rod, might be interesting, it is not the best for first-timers as trolling requires skill and technique. It is not just about dragging baits and lures.

As a first-timer getting the right gear for trolling is recommended, a reason why you should get the best trolling rod and reel combo.

A special thing about trolling rod is the fact that it is usually strong, designed to withstand the pressure of the water as well as the impact of fish bite. Fish are going to pull up a fight, a rod that would snap while fighting can frustrate you.

There are several brands of trolling rod and reel combo out there, getting the best trolling rod is not as easy as entering a store to pick the finest. This article will guide you on the best trolling rod and reel combo as it contains a detailed review of the best trolling rod and reel combo you should consider.

Best trolling rod and reel combo.

  1. Kastking crixus spinning fishing rod and reel combo

Kastking crixus spinning and casting fishing rod and reel combo is a high-performance carbon fibre fishing rod that is made with an incredibly light, sensitive and strong IM6 graphite rod. It as well features carbon-infused frames, computerized numerical control (CNC) aluminium spool, 5+1 double-shielded stainless ball bearings, powerful carbon drags which all guarantee its high performance, these great features make it among the best trolling rod and reel combo.

The handle of the rod is one important part of it, this is why the kastking manufacturer, designed the rod with a golf-style super polymer handle, which is comfortable and resistant to slipping, giving you control over the rod even when there are tendencies of it slipping. To ensure durability, the rod comes with stainless steel guide frames with zirconium oxide rings. This guide reduces friction when the rod bends. This also allows it to withstand the pressure of the water.

Kastking crixus fishing rod comes with spinning and casting reel, a perfect combination for both fresh and marine trolling. You could get any kastking rod with a rod length ranging from 5 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 6 inches. Although strong, the rod is lightweight, this helps to reduce hand fatigue while trolling. Finally, the rod can be gotten at an affordable price.

best trolling rod and reel combo


  • Its durability is certain.
  • It is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Made with quality materials.
  • Suitable for a number of fish species.


  • Not suitable for large marine species.
  1. Sougayilang speed bass fishing rod and reel combo.

This product made the list due to the amazing features it possesses. It is an ultra-lightweight rod that helps to give control over the rod while ensuring an exciting stress-free fishing experience. The golf material lever and handle design make control over the rod easier.

It is comfortable and easy to grip irrespective of the weather condition. This product is what you can refer to as high quality. The rod and reel are sealed with waterproof and dustproof materials which in turn prevents corrosion.  Made with stainless steel and reinforced with the 13 +1 high-quality corrosion-resistant maxiDur ball bearing for maximum protection and a long term smooth operation. The full package comes with some amazing accessories which you would not find in other fishing rod brands.

Some of which are 110 yards fishing line, so you do not have to buy fishing line any longer, fishing lure kit with box and a fishing gear carrier bag, all to make your fishing experience smoother. You might notice that the four sections do not completely fit together. Do not worry as it is not a defect, it is specially designed that way in an attempt to protect your rod from loosening after using it for a long time.

The rod is highly sensitive and comes with a 30-ton carbon fibre blank which ensures the durability of the product. Attached to the rod is a GB spinning reel which is designed with a special line roller aimed at reducing line twist and fatigue which in turn prevents line breakage.

The reel has a CNC machined gear which ensures its smoothness and durability. The rod is designed to withstand the pressure of the water as well as fish bites. With the help of carbon fibre, it is resistant to shock and moisture. This is one of the best trolling rod and reel combo you should consider buying for your next fishing trip.

best trolling rod and reel combo


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Great value for money.
  • Moisture and corrosion-resistant.


  • Although very rare. Lines get damaged once there is a bird nest.
  • Difficult to disassemble.
  1. Plusinno carbon fibre telescopic fishing rod and reel combo.

This telescopic fishing rod is portable and you can easily carry it around. It is one of the best fishing rod and reel combo you would get. In case you plan to get the full package, you would get a rod, a reel, 1 carrier bag, 1 fishing line and a pack of fishing lures.

The rod is designed with a graphite blank construction which makes it sensitive to the smallest change. In order to make it strong and durable, the manufacturer made it by mixing fibreglass and carbon fibre. The rod is manufactured with materials that are resistant to corrosion and comes with several size options, there is 5.91 feet,  feet, 7.87 feet and finally 8.86 feet.

You should check the size which works well for you before you purchase one. You can easily collapse the rod into about 20 inches long irrespective of the size you have got. Is that not amazing? You could collapse 8.86 feet to about 20 inches. The set-up of this telescopic rod is one of the easiest and it is easy to use.

You do not have to worry about blisters or hand fatigue as the handle of this rod is made from EVA material, which is soft and comfortable to hold onto. It is as well anti-skid and can be used in any condition, wet or dry. The reel has an S-curve oscillation system which ensures a good line winding.

best trolling rod and reel combo


  • It is easy to use
  • Ensures durability.
  • A comfortable handle that is anti-skid.
  • Suitable for trolling and other fishing styles.
  • Strong and sensitive.


  • Can easily break.
  • Not a good fit for marine trolling.
  1. Plusinno Toray 24-ton carbon matrix telescopic fishing rod and reel combo.

One amazing thing about telescopic rods is the fact that they are efficient and compact in many cases. Plusinno Toray 24ton carbon matrix telescopic fishing rod seems to be one of the best telescopic rods out there, it is a premium telescopic fishing rod made with several quality materials such as high-density carbon fibre mixed with fibreglass, which gives it strength and ensures its durability, stainless steel guide rings mixed with zirconium oxide which allows you to cast your line far and reduce friction.

To prevent corrosion the reel seat is made out of CNC machined aluminium. And aluminium is a metal known to have a high resistance to corrosion. The handle of this rod is anti-skid which makes it resistant to slipping and is comfortable enough to grip, giving you maximum control over the rod.

Other features include 12 + 1 corrosion resistant smooth ball bearing, zinc alloy driven gear. It is 5.91 feet long and can be collapsed to about 20 inches which indicates portability.

best trolling rod and reel combo


  • Comfortable and durable.
  • You can easily use it.
  • Strong and sensitive.


  • It is relatively expensive.
  1. Okuma VS-605-20 voyager spinning travel fishing rod and reel combo.

This is a premium fishing rod that is built for freshwater trolling. It is one of the best trolling rod and reel combo you would get, at an affordable price. It is a 6 feet graphite composite rod that is sensitive to the smallest change, with high-quality ceramic guides which reduce friction while in use.

Attached to the rod is a 20 size spinning reel. This reel seat is made of stainless steel ensuring its durability. For portability, the rod is designed to have five sections in which you can easily assemble and disassemble when the need arises, in order to move around with it easily.

For user’s comfort, while trolling, it features a cork handle that is comfortable to grip and ensure control over the rod. Finally, the reel is sealed with a sliding reel chain.

best trolling rod and reel combo


  • It is easy to assemble. No special knowledge is required.
  • You can collapse it into small sections for portability, a reason why it is called a travel fishing rod.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • It is durable.


  • Not the best for large species of fish.
  • Not suitable for marine fishing.
  • It breaks easily.

Frequently asked questions as concerned best trolling rod and reel combo.

What is a good rod length for trolling?

This depends on several factors. The nature of water you want to go trolling, the species of fish you intend to catch, and in some cases the level of your experience. If you would be trolling on seawater then you would be needing a fishing rod with a length of at least 6 feet, which can withstand the intense pressure of the water. This helps to cast far.

Marine fish are usually more aggressive, long fishing has the tendency to withstand shocks. All these might not be needed for freshwater trolling. A 5 feet long rod might just be enough. A longer rod might be difficult for first-timers to handle especially while trolling.

What are the types of fish you can catch while trolling?

If you want a list for this then, we are not leaving here any time soon. This is due to the fact that the list is a very long one. You can catch a variety of species while trolling, be it marine or freshwater. You could catch any of salmon, walleye, wahoo, tuna, marlin, catfish to mention but a few. The is considered one of the best fishing techniques.

What are guides?

You might have heard the word guide whenever fishing rod is mentioned or might have read it somewhere. The guide referred to in this context is not that man or lady who goes with you on a fishing trip.

Well, they are guides, but in terms of fishing rods, they are add-ons that come with fishing rods, with the sole purpose of reducing friction on the line while the rod is bending.

Which is best among fibreglass, graphite and carbon fibre fishing rod?

Fishing rods are mostly made of these three materials and each has its advantages and downsides. Fibreglass is strong, flexible and durable, a good rod for trolling but not very sensitive.

Graphites are much sensitive but break easily, not ideal for large species. Carbon fibre is more like a combination of the two as it has the features of both. It is sensitive, strong and tougher but heavier.

Conclusion: best trolling rod and reel combo

Trolling is a tricky way of catching fish and it is the best fishing technique. It brings great returns and is worth every time spent. For a successful fishing experience, you need the best trolling rod and reel combo which is already assembled or pre-assembled.

You do not have to stress yourself about getting the best trolling rod and reel combo as we have reviewed the top 5 which would not have too much impact on your money. Any of the above products would work well for fishing your desired species.

Go trolling…

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