Top 6 best tent for camping with toddlers 2021

There are tons of tent brands out there. I have decided to save you the stress of making research on the best tent for camping with toddlers. This article contains a review of the 6 best camping tents for toddlers. You can choose any of the 6.  Make sure you read to the end in order to get the full list.

Nothing beats the joy on the face of kids after discovering they would be having their personal tent. Especially kids who have developed a certain interest in outdoor activities. There are cases whereby the kids would want to go camping on their own or go camping with a family friend, you would not be expected to give them the family tent. Asides from the fact that it would be bulkier, it might be a little bit difficult for them to set up.

You would be doing a great deal when you finally decide to get your kids their own tent. That being said you might be wondering which tent would work best for your kids. Getting a tent for kids is not always as easy as it seems and the last thing you want to do is to get a substandard tent for your kid(s) esp when it’s cold.

best tent for camping with toddlers

1). Gentle monster space world tent

This tent is made with high-quality 190T polyester material and sturdy double flexible fiberglass rods which indicates that the product is one durable tent. Your kids can easily lift it as the product is a lightweight tent weighing just about 1.5 pounds and it is suitable for kids starting from age 2 and above.

After setting up the tent measures 47 inches for the length, 47 inches for the width, and 43 inches for the height.  This gives the tent enough room to accommodate about 2 to 3 kids.  Suitable for use while camping in your backyard as well as outdoor camping. The tent is designed with several celestial bodies printed on it to help inspire the kids while creating an interest in them to explore space. Well, that is the intention of the manufacturer.  The double-stitched fabric is designed to resist tear.

Kids can play in their tent without having that stuffy feel as there is access to adequate ventilation. The tent is super breathable yet sturdy. Talk of its ease of assemblage and disassembling of the tent and you would be pleased with yourself for buying such a good tent.  You can easily set it up within few minutes. A maximum of 5 minutes. It comes with 2 pieces of flexible fiberglass pole which ensures a quick set up and you are good to go. The tent has a zipper closure type.

You can zip up whenever you want to sleep to prevent the inflow of rain and wind. The straps that come with it, are designed for folding the window and door. When compared to other tents of similar quality, this is relatively cheap.

This product has a great value for your money which is why is the number one list of the best tent for camping with toddlers.

best tent for camping with toddlers


  • The product has tear-resistant properties.
  • It is sturdy and as well breathable.
  • You can get it at an affordable price.
  • Suitable for kids from age 2.
  • Has a large space for the kids to play.
  • It holds up really good.


  • There are no replacement poles. Once broken you just have to amend.

2). AVRSOL kids large castle play tent with mat.

AVRSOL play tent is made of cotton. Your kids could come with their friends to camp. With a dimension of 47 inches x 39 inches x 55 inches, it has the capacity to take up to 4 kids at a time after it has been set up. It can be easily assembled and dissembled. The assemblage takes only 5 minutes.

It is perfect for kids although it is heavier than a lot of tents in its category. The manufacturer of this product added a lot of special accessories with the pack. It comes with a play mat. With this mat, you have no reason to get mats again. It could serve as a sleeping pad, preventing the kids from sleeping on bare floor. The mat is made of cotton, a good material for cold weather.

The ball string is another amazing accessory, it gives life to the tent. The kids are going to love it. The ethereal gauze curtain helps to reduce the inflow of bugs and mosquitoes. Finally, the windows of the tent are breathable so you do not have to worry about getting stuffy, there is an adequate inflow of air. This is not suitable for any child younger than the age of 3. I personally recommend this special product among one of the best tent for camping with toddlers especially if you camping during cold weather.

best tent for camping with toddlers


  • The tent is made with sturdy materials.
  • It has enough rooms to take more people.
  • Offers great value for money.
  • Comes with a play mat.
  • The tent is comfortable and the inflow of air is superb.


  • It is heavy
  • It is more expensive than other tents in its category.

3). Pop up automatic instant tent.

Another one of the best tent for camping with toddlers is Pop-up automatic instant tent, Tents are made up of different types of materials that are considered to be of good quality. This product is made of quality materials as well. It is made of nylon with zipper closure. It is a ready-to-use kind of tent so; you do not have to spend much time with its setup.

A good choice for your kids. After setting the tent up it has a dimension of 88.6 inches x 47.2 inches x 37.4 inches. This is large enough to take about 2 kids comfortably. The two doors allow easy mobility, with no restriction at all. The combination of inner zippered screen and outer zippered nylon allows your kids to alternate their level of breathability and privacy.

This tent comes with two mesh windows that allow access to more ventilation. Your kids cannot have issues with stuffiness while using this tent. It has a great ergonomic design that helps your kids enjoy the camp. For ease of packaging and transport, the manufacturer added a carry bag to its list of accessories.

This carry bag takes just a small space. It is relatively lightweight weighing about 3.7 pounds only.

best tent for camping with toddlers


  • The tent is relatively cheap when compared to others in its category.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • Offers high breathability.
  • Offers high mobility. No form of movement restrictions


  • It is too small, might not even take a twin camp mattress.

4). SWEHOUSE clubhouse kid’s play tent.

After you have set the tent up, it has a dimension of 38.6 inches x 27.6 inches x 42.5 inches measuring the length, width, and height respectively.  Swehouse clubhouse play tent is one of the best gifts you can and should get your kids. They would love it definitely because Swehouse is globally accepted as one of the best tent for camping with toddlers.

It has enough room for them to play and have some fun. The materials used in the production of these products are tested and trusted, they are non-toxic, it emits zero smell and it is generally safe for the use of kids.

For ease of transport, it is made with lightweight materials so your kids can take it along with them without having hand fatigue. Although lightweight, they are quite sturdy and can be used for both backyard camping and outdoor camp. This is not the best tent for kids under the age of 3 years.

The manufacturer’s recommended user’s age is 3 years or more.  You can wash the tent with a washing machine. Finally, it is one tent that even your kids can set up themselves.

best tent for camping with toddlers


  • Easy to set up.
  • It is lightweight yet sturdy.
  • The tent is made resistant to water.
  • When compared to other tents in its category, it is considered cheap.
  • It allows adequate airflow.


  • The only downside of this tent is the fact that the floor is not designed to attach firmly to the tent. It gets detached easily.

5). The original inflatable Air fort for kids.

Your kids will definitely love this amazing fort. It has got that awesome design and the kids can easily set it up themselves. It is an inflatable fort and all it requires is for you to inflate it with a fan which would not take you more than 30 seconds.

The air fort is large enough to take several kids with their stuff. You can have about 6 kids in this amazing air fort. The fort is 77 inches wide and 50 inches tall after inflating it.  That is enough room for several kids to play and have some fun. It comes with a mesh divider that separates your kids from the fan.

It is allowing an adequate flow of air, more so there is a box fan inside so ventilation is guaranteed. It is only recommended for kids from 3 years upward. This fort is extremely lightweight, weighing about 1.5 pounds. It comes with a carry bag which you can use for easy storage. I feel honored to introduce to you this unique product as one of the best tent for camping with toddlers.

best tent for camping with toddlers


  • A large room that can take up to 6 kids.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Allows flow of air.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is durable and comfortable.


  • No doors. Movement is kind of restricted.
  • It is expensive.
  • The floor is the only entrance which indicates that it has no floor cover.

6). Bend River portable baby beach tent.

This is one tent you have to get your kids. There is no age restriction for this tent. You can have your 1-year-old kid sleep in this amazing tent. This is unarguably one of the best toddler tent you would get. It can be used for backyard camping as well as outdoor camping. It is made resistant to many unwanted stuff.

Mosquitoes and other types of bugs are restricted from entering this tent once you have closed the screen. It is rated UPF50+ which makes it resistant to harmful UV rays from the sun. with this tent your kids are safe from sunburn. The product comes with everything your kid(s) need for an awesome camping experience. Setup has been made easy; you do not need to get extra stuff before setup.

All you need has been provided for.  The high-quality materials used in manufacturing this tent make it durable and it promises to last long. It is made of 210T polyester taffeta which is resistant to moisture. The material used is breathable, allowing an adequate supply of air.

Some of the accessories that come with the product are the 6 pegs designed to keep the play fence fixed to the ground.   The wind has no effect on it. The two doors allow free movement. After the setup it measures 63 inches by 53 inches by 39 inches, giving enough room to 3 or 4 kids.

The automatic fiberglass rod allows easy installation and collapse of the tent. It comes with a canopy which you can use to cover the tent in case there is a heavy downpour, for more protection.  The product has a carry bag which allows easy storage and transport of the tent.

This is a tent you have to consider getting for your kid(S). finally, this is a lightweight tent that is as well sturdy. It weighs about 5 pounds. There is no doubt that this particular product is among the best tent for camping with toddlers.

best tent for camping with toddlers


  • This is a durable tent.
  • The tent is resistant to mosquitoes and other bugs.
  • It offers great value for money.
  • It is resistant to harmful UV rays.
  • Spacious enough to accommodate several kids.


  • It is expensive.

Conclusion: best tent for camping with toddlers

One of the best gifts to give your kid is to get them their own camping tent. Kids do want to have access to their privacy and they dislike it when older guys intrude on their privacy. They tend to have some private time to themselves when they have their own tent.  You should try to get your kid his or her own tent.

I have made the job easier; you do not have to engage in the stress of getting a good camping tent for toddlers. I have written a detailed review on the 6 best tent for camping with toddlers. You can choose any of the products. This guide should help you make the right decision.

You should consider getting any of the above products for your kid(S), the next time you plan to go on a family camping trip. They are the best tent for camping with toddlers you would get.

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