best sun shirts for fishing 2021

Before you embark on that fishing trip, it is necessary that you check for the gears you would be needing and get them ready. Your choice of clothing for a fishing trip is very important and you need to get the best sun shirts for  fishing trips for comfortability and great adventure.

You would not want to go fishing just to get back home with your skin covered with sunburn. Sun shirts are very necessary while going on a fishing trip. Although they vary in weight, style, fabric they are meant to protect your skin irrespective of its properties.

Sun shirts have an ultra-violet protection factor which is designed to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays and protects you against skin cancer tendencies. It is a better option when compared to sunscreen. You do not have to cover yourself with sunscreen once you are wearing a nice sun shirt.

It will do the work of protection more than sunscreen. In this article, I have compiled a list of the best sun shirts for fishing you should consider while going on a fishing trip.

Things to consider before buying best sun shirts for fishing

You should not just purchase any type of clothing and expect it to work with the same efficiency as that of an actual sun shirt. You can get a good sun shirt by putting some of these factors into consideration. Below are some of the features and factors to check for before you place an order for a sun shirt;


since you will not be getting the sun shirt for free, you would need to check for the price, in order to plan your budget. Although sun shirts are not that expensive, having a price range in mind can make you have a good pick.


knowing the material used in manufacturing the sun shirt is a necessity. Sun shirts made from synthetic fabrics are usually the best for the job. Fabrics like polyester, nylon among others although cotton materials offer comfort, it is not the best for the job. Cottons absorb moisture easily and do not get dry on time especially if you sweat, which might later irritate your skin.

Sun protection:

that is the actual point of getting a sun shirt in the first place. Sunburn can spoil your adventure. Always check for the ultra Violet protection factor or sun protection factor of a sun shirt before you buy. Check for the rating, the higher the numerical rating of ultraviolet protection factor the better. An ultraviolet protection factor rating of 30 or more should be considered for your fishing trip. It will keep your skin protected.


you would only be wasting precious resources if you buy a sun shirt that will not last long which you would have to keep replacing.

Breathability and wicking:

moisture-wicking has to do with the rate at which the fabric can absorb moisture coming out of your body to avoid irritation and breathability has to do with the rate at which air penetrates the shirt so that it will get dry quickly. These factors are to be considered especially during summer when the tendency of sweating is high. A sun shirt made with breathable fabric would help you stay comfortable all day, even on hot days.


there are several styles of sun shirts you can go for. You can choose based on the sleeve length, long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, T-shirt, or collared button-down shirt. On very sunny days, a long-sleeved shirt might be the best, in the sense that it would cover a larger part of your body. You can choose the style based on your preference. A shirt with pockets is an advantage.


light weight products are the best. Anglers always prefer shirts that allow free movement and are not too heavy. You should consider that too.

Top five best sun shirts for fishing.

  1. Columbia men’s terminal tackle long-sleeved shirt.

The importance of a sun shirt can not be over-emphasized and the Columbia men’s terminal tackle long-sleeved shirt is one of the best sun shirts for fishing you can get. Aside from the fact that it is cheap, it is cost-efficient as well.

Providing you with all-around comfort with the special Omni-wick feature which manages and controls the moisture coming out of the body.

It absorbs the moisture from the body and then spread it all over allowing it to evaporate almost immediately. Plus it has a built-in Omni-shade which helps to block UVA and UVB rays which might cause sunburn and other skin damage.

The Ultra Violet absorbent yarns in it block all the harmful UV rays with an ultraviolet protection factor rating of 50. The product is made up of 100% polyester quick-dry material which allows quick moisture-wicking and breathability which helps in expelling moisture from the body. Plus the product is lightweight which makes it a perfect option. It is one good sun shirt for fishing.


  • It is lightweight
  • Made with breathable material plus a quick moisture wicking feature.
  • It is cost-efficient
  • Protects you from the harmful rays of the sun.


  • It has no collar.
  • Sizing chart is not true to size.
  1. HUK men’s icon x long-sleeved performance shirt with UPF 30+

HUK is a well-known brand that has manufactured a number of shirts that have caught the attention of many. This is one of the best sun shirts for fishing you would get, based on its numerous amazing features. It is a long-sleeved shirt with the mesh manufactured with 100% polyester, designed in such a way that it could be washed using a washing machine.

This product has a special anti microbial treatment that allows it to inhibit and kill the growth of odor-causing micro organisms. The HUK men’s icon x long-sleeved performance shirt is built with your comfort in mind. It is very comfortable plus the breathability feature with special fibers which absorb sweat from your skin while it spreads it over the shirt and it evaporates afterward and dries quickly.

The cooling technology of this product is mind-blowing. It uses an internal cooling element on the interior to create a strong cooling effect that removes heat from your body. The product has a stain-resistant feature that keeps the stain from sticking to the shirt and the stubborn ones can be easily washed off.

It is a sun shirt that gives maximum protection to your skin against sunburn. It is a good alternative to sun screen plus it comes with an ultraviolet protection factor rating of 30+ material which blocks UV rays from hurting your skin.


  • It is resistant to stains.
  • Contains anti-microbial property which kills odor-causing germs.
  • Internal cooling system
  • It is Light weight.


Has a low ultra Violet protection factor rating.

  1. HUK men’s icon x long-sleeved fishing shorts with sun protection

This is another HUK product and it is certain that it is not of lesser quality. The product makes this list because of the amazing features which it possesses. It is a long-sleeved shirt that comes in various color types. Made with 100% polyester fabric plus high breathability which allows adequate airflow these features make it some of the best sun shirts for fishing I would encourage you to buy.

A lot of anglers make this their choice of clothing. The moisture-wicking properties make it get dry within a short period of time. Wearing this sun shirt for a fishing trip keeps you protected from the adverse effect of the sun caused by ultraviolet rays, such as sunburn and skin cancer tendency.

With its ultraviolet protection factor rating being 30+ the anti-microbial properties help to kill odor-causing micro organisms and it is also resistant to stain. This can be the best sun shirts for fishing you might want to try out. The internal cooling properties keep you cool all day.


  • It is a cheap product.
  • Offers sun protection.
  • Breathability and moisture-wicking control your sweat.
  • Internal cooling properties keep you cool


  • Sizing chart is not always true to size.
  1. Baleaf men’s long-sleeved fishing shirts, UPF 50+ UV sun shirt

The baleaf men’s long sleeve fishing is one of the best sun shirts for fishing you would like to buy.  It is a button-down, long-sleeved shirt made with 100% polyester fabric and mesh lining which allows quick moisture wicking.

The shirt keeps your skin protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun when you for any outdoor activity with the help of the ultraviolet protection factor 50+ rating contained in it, which also blocks UVA and UVB rays to help prevent sunburn and skin damage.

This is a very stylish sun shirt, consisting of amazing features like convertible sleeves which can be rolled up to form a short sleeve and can be fastened with a button, 2 hook and loop chest utility pockets where you can keep navigation devices, a sunglasses hanger loop, 2 utility loop among others. The back mesh vents let air in and out to keep you cool.


  • A lightweight shirt.
  • It is resistant to stain.
  • It is a convertible shirt.
  • Cost-efficient


  • Not the best for insect protection.
  • Not great for extremely cold weather.
  1. HUK men’s icon x camo long sleeve performance fishing shirt.

This sun shirt product is made for hot weather. One of the most versatile shirts you can get and it works well for anglers due to its comfortability. It is one of the most comfortable sun shirts, allowing freedom of movement.

Just like most HUK sun shirts, this also has an inbuilt internal cooling element technology that keeps your body call all day. HUK men’s icon x camo long sleeve performance fishing net comes with several wonderful features such as anti-microbial treatment which inhibits and kills microorganisms that produce odor in clothes, stain resistance, and the stubborn ones that could be easily washed off.

The ultraviolet protection rating of 30 helps in warding off harmful ultraviolet rays which could cause sunburn and skin damage. This sun shirt is made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex which makes it two-way stretchy allowing free movement.

The underarm and back mesh lining allows superior breathability making your clothes get dry within a short period. The suns shirt is Machin washable.


  • The internal cooling property makes it perfect for hot weather.
  • Made with fabrics that are resistant to stain.
  • The sun protection feature is top-notch.


  • Size does not always match.
  • Colors are limited.

Conclusion: best sun shirts for fishing

Ultraviolet rays are not the kind of stuff you want to joke with. Too much exposure to it is detrimental to one’s health. You need to get yourself protected from its influence.  Sun shirts do not only protect your skin from sun burn and skin damage, but it also offers a quick dry tendency and moisture-wicking which helps to dry out your sweat so you do not get irritated. Most sun shirts are resistant to stain and the comfort it offers is one of a kind.

Continuous application of sunscreen can be tiring and in some cases irritating, Sun shirts are the best alternative to sunscreen. With sun shirts you do not have to keep covering yourself with sunscreen. I have highlighted the 5best sun shirts for fishing you can get for your next fishing adventure in this article. Personally, I would go for the HUK men’s icon x long sleeve performance shirt.

The special internal cooling elements technology makes it one of the best for fishing on a sunny day. . Plus the anti-microbial treatment which inhibits and kill all odor-producing microorganism. You stay cool for long, without any awful odor. The ultraviolet protection factor rating of 30 helps to ward off harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, which could cause sunburn.

The fact that it is comfortable makes it the choice of many anglers and other outdoor activities enthusiasts.  The breathability and moisture-wicking features help to keep your shirt dry even when you sweat. It is a sun shirt you should consider for your next fishing trip or any outdoor activity.

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