best pants for hiking in summer 2021

Planning to go on a hiking trip? Your gears are just as important as the trip itself. Your gears are the determining factor of how long your trip will last, that’s why you need best pants for hiking in summer. Hiking pants are one of the important gears you would need for your trip. A good pair of hiking pants for hiking can boost your morale to hike a long distance but finding one could be frustrating, especially if you do not have a guide on the type of pants to get. 

While hiking during the summer season, you would need a pair of lightweight pants and make of a durable material that allows free movement. Pants are one of the best clothing choices for hiking, especially for long trips. You will not have a restriction of motion.

Although choice varies but after putting several factors which pertain to hiking pants into consideration, I have compiled a list of the top 5 best hiking pants suitable for hiking during summer. Our picks are the best you can get.

Things to consider before choosing best pants for hiking in summer. 

  • Price: the price of hiking pants does vary with respect to quality and the features it comes with. There are several types of pants for hiking with varying qualities. Before you place your order on a pair of pants, research the price to be sure it is the kind you can afford, it helps you plan your budget. More so, the fact that a product is cheap does not always mean it is of low quality. Try to compare the quality with the price
  • Style: the fact that you are going on a hiking trip does not mean losing your sense of fashion. You can still rock fashionable pants and move with the flow. Depending on what you want, you can research to find out if the style you want is in store. There are different types of hiking pants you can wear while hiking, such as convertible pants, which allow you to manipulate the length of the pants, changing them to shorts or leaving it as capris. You could go for roll-ups minimal among others. Choose according to your preference.
  • Durability and tear resistance: you would not want to be in a situation where you purchase a pair of pants and will not go beyond a single trip. Pants that can withstand the impact of sharp rocks and branches which would not tear even when it comes in contact with sharp rocks and branches should be considered. You should always check for the material the product is made of to ensure it is of good quality.
  • Sun protection: one of the things that qualify good hiking pants is their ability to protect your skin from sunburn. Many hiking pants come with features that resist ultraviolet rays from the sun. The effect of ultraviolet rays is injurious to health; you need to take the sun protection rating of the pants into consideration before you set out to buy one.
  • Size and comfort: although baggy pants might not be the best option, that does not mean you should go for tight ones that restrict movement. You should check for the size and be sure it is the size you would be comfortable in.
  • Weight and breathability: a good pair of hiking pants should be lightweight and should be able to allow adequate airflow, which allows it to get dry quickly even when you sweat. You might want to hike a long distance, you would not want anything that will slow you down, especially during summer.
  • You should also check if the pants have other features like pockets. Your pants should have enough pockets where you can keep your belongings. Phones and navigation devices.
  • Fabric type: there are different types of fabric used in making hiking pants. One of which are nylon, polyester, spandex, among others. The best type of fabrics are usually synthetic ones.

Nylon: this is a durable synthetic fabric that dries quickly and is very durable, making it a good material for making hiking pants.

Polyester: This fabric is also durable but not as much as nylon. It absorbs less water, which makes it dry very fast.

Spandex: spandexs are usually the materials responsible for the stretch of a pant.

Top 5 best pants for hiking in summer.

TBMPOY men’s outdoor, quick-dry lightweight, hiking mountain pants

best pants for hiking in summer

If you need a good pair of hiking pants made with durability and comfort in mind, then you should probably go for TBMPOY men’s outdoor quick-dry hiking pants. It is one of the best pants for hiking in summer you can get.

This product is made to dry quickly as well as repelling water, due to the materials used in manufacturing it which contains 88 % nylon and 12 % spandex. The spandex in it makes it a bit stretchy, which allows you to move freely. The pants work well for several outdoor activities. This pair of pants has almost everything you would want to find in the best pants for hiking in summer.

It has a windproof feature and it is made with lightweight material, which is also resistant to tear. The TBMPOY men’s quick-dry hiking pants contain several pockets, 2 side zipper pockets, 2 at the thigh region with one rear pocket for secure storage. Comes in different sizes; you can order for your own size.

One of the things that makes the product exceptional is that it comes with its own belt and has an adjustable stretchy waist that fits well. You do not have to purchase a belt for it, and it is affordable. This is one of the hiking pants you should consider buying for your hike.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Comes with a belt.
  • It is resistant to water and dries quickly when you sweat
  • Protects your skin from ultraviolet rays which could cause sunburn.


  • Size does not always match.

CQR men’s convertible cargo water repellant hiking pants

best pants for hiking in summer_2

Talk of style, then you mean CQR men’s convertible cargo hiking pants. One of the best hiking pants for fashion enthusiasts. The product is a convertible pair of pants that allows you to manipulate the length, change it to shorts, or leave it as capris.

You can convert it to shorts by simply zipping off the lower leg region then roll it up to the level you want it. The multi-cargo pockets of the CQR men’s convertible cargo pants is one of its fascinating features.

Consisting of a zipper and flap pocket with Velcro secured pockets that secure your belongings from getting lost. 2 large front pockets, two zippered cargo pockets located above the knee, and two rear Velcro pockets.

The product comprises 64% cotton, 30% nylon, and 6 % spandex, making it dry quickly within minutes. A perfect combination for summer trips. A belt comes with a pair of pants plus an adjustable waistband, making it comfortable and fits well on the user.


  • It is comfortable and durable.
  • They come with a belt.
  • It is tear-resistant
  • The product is very cheap


  • Can only be used during summer. Does not provide enough warmth.

Postropaky men’s hiking quick-dry lightweight waterproof pants


This is the actual definition of water-resistant, lightweight, and comfortability. Postropaky men’s hiking pants are one of the best pants for hiking in summer you would get. It can be used for several outdoor activities, stretchy, and fits perfectly on its user. The combination of 94% nylon and 6% spandex makes the material have its water resistance property.

You can get it in four different colors Green, dark grey, Khaki, and Grey, and the product is suitable for use in three different seasons, summer, spring, and autumn. Its resistance to stains and light showers is one of its most astonishing features.

It is breathable and allows adequate airflow, making it dry quickly when it comes in contact with moisture. Postropaky men’s quick-dry lightweight pants come with 6 large zippered pockets, 2 open hand pockets, 2 zippered rear pockets, and two pockets at the thigh region to safely keep your belongings.

The product is made with fabrics that a washable with a washing machine.


  • Water and wind resistance.
  • Sun protection
  • It is lightweight and comfortable


  • Shorth crotch length.
  • Not suitable for winter hikes.

Linton men’s outdoor casual quick-dry lightweight hiking cargo pants.


This product makes up my list of best-hiking pants in summer after putting several factors into consideration. This is one of the best pants for outdoor activities. These linen men’s hiking pants are made with 65% nylon, 35% polyester.

it is made up of quick-drying fabric, which dries quickly when you sweat or are drenched by rain, superior breathability, which allows airflow aiding the quick-drying feature. And it is, to a large extent resistant to water.

Its sun protection feature helps to repel harmful ultraviolet rays protecting your skin from sunburn while engaging in outdoor activities, it’s one of the best pants for hiking in summer and can be used for all seasons and weather. The product is very comfortable and allows ease of movement. The elastic waistband makes it a good fit.


  • Dries within a short period.
  • Protects your skin from sunburn
  • Comes with 8 pockets to keep your stuff.


  • Not effective against extremely cold weather
  • Poor resistance to tear.

Baleaf women’s hiking cargo lightweight capris water resistant UPF 50 hiking pants


These hiking pants are specifically for women, especially women who plan to hit the trail of rugged terrain. This product should be your pick. It is made up of 90% polyester and 10% spandex which means it is lightweight, water-resistant, and not too stretchy, just the moderate stretch. This product is women’s best pants for hiking in summer.

Made with breathable, quick-dry material, which makes it get dry in minutes. This product comes with an adjustable cord around the cuffs, which you can adjust to keep bugs away when hiking or camping.

The material is manufactured with sun protection of UPF 50+ rating, protecting you from harmful ultraviolet rays. You do not have to worry about its durability; it lasts longer than you can imagine and it is washable with a washing machine. It comes with four zip closure security pockets.

The pair of pants is four-way stretchy; that is, it stretches crosswise and lengthwise, allowing free movement. Available in every size and is not too tight.


  • 4-way stretch which provides free movement for its user.
  • It is water-resistant and protects your skin from sunburn.
  • Highly comfortable and breathable.


  • Size is usually larger than expected.

Conclusion: best pants for hiking in summer

Your choice of gear can determine how successful your hiking trip would be, so is your choice of hiking pants. You would not want a situation where you would get back home after a hike covered with sunburn.

In this article on the best pants for hiking in summer, I have highlighted the factors to consider while choosing a pair of pants. Your style choice, durability, comfortability, breathability, price of pants, sun protection features, type of fabric, and water and tear-resistant features are some of the things to consider.

I made a checklist of the top 5 best pants you should consider for your next hiking trip.

I would go for postropaky men’s hiking quick-dry lightweight hiking pants. It is one of the best you can get. Best for several outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, camping, among others.

It is very versatile and made with your comfort in mind. The product is highly resistant to moisture and could even repel light showers. It gets dry within a short period.

The several zippered pockets allow you to safely keep your stuff such as your phones, maps, and other navigation devices. It is the pair of pants that you should keep in mind while ordering hiking pants.

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