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Having to choose the best down hunting jacket from a variety of brands and models could be frustrating. Getting the best down-hunting jacket for the job can be challenging as well.  Although preference has a role to play in choosing a jacket, this article will serve as a guide to choose the best waterproof hunting jacket for your next hunting trip, as the article contains a detailed review on the best waterproof and lightweight jackets.

Hunting during winter or in cold weather generally can be a bit tricky. A lot of attention and concentration is needed for the success of your adventure but the cold could be a hindrance to getting a perfect shot. You would not want to get to the hunting site only to be shivering within the first 20 minutes. So, you would be needing something that would offer enough insulation to cold.

Best down hunting jacket will perform the magic by keeping you warm all through. The issue of weight is also one thing to take note of. The last thing you need for a hunting trip is anything that would weigh you down. Struggling with your hunting jacket will not help you would be needing a hunting jacket that is lightweight. There are several jackets that are designed to be lightweight as well as keeping you toasty all through the trip. Waterproof and lightweight jackets are always prioritized when choosing the best down hunting jacket. 

Factors to consider before and while buying Best down hunting jacket.

As there are several types of jackets, picking up any jacket might be a terrible idea. There are several things you need to consider before you place your order, in order to get the best down hunting jacket. Below are some of the many things you need to consider;

  • Waterproof tendencies: moisture could increase the risk of hypothermia while you are outdoor. Getting a good jacket that can prevent the penetration of water would be a good choice for your hunting trip. A waterproof jacket would keep toasty, even if there is light rain. You should check if the jacket is waterproof before buying, as it is an important factor.
  • Weight and size: a lot of jackets are true to size you should always check the sizing chart of the product in order to get your size. You should also check for the weight of the jacket to know if it fits in the category you can work with.
  • Material: the quality of materials used would determine how long the jacket would last.
  • Wind resistant: a good hunting jacket should be able to protect you from the elements. Jackets that are resistant to the wind helps to ward off cold wind, hence keeping you warm.
  • Minimal odor: games are usually very sensitive to the scent of their predators. They can pick your scent from quite a far distance which could make you miss your target. While buying hunting jacket, check if it is scent blocking.
  • Hood: This is basically a choice thing. Some would prefer their jacket to be hooded, while some will not. Irrespective of what the choice is, hoods are generally made to protect your neck and head region.
  • Wicking and breathability: there would be a point at which you would sweat. If the environment is cold and the sweat is not properly managed, it could make you cold. A jacket that allows airflow and expels moisture should be considered.
  • Pocket: you might need somewhere to keep small gears like navigation devices and your phone. More so, the pockets can help keep your hands warm. You can opt for jackets with multiple interior and exterior pockets.
  • Cleaning: a jacket that can be easily cleaned is bliss especially the ones that are machine washable.
  • Color and camouflage: games can easily spot colors. While choosing a jacket, go for the one that would help you blend easily to the environment. Orange and green colors are great options as most animals will find it hard to distinguish these colors.

Best waterproof down hunting jacket.

1.Amazon essentials men’s lightweight water-resistant packable puffer jacket.

best down hunting jacket

Amazon essentials puffer jacket is a high-quality jacket considered to be one of the best down hunting jacket, one of the many products of amazon, which is designed to last long. Its water-resistant feature and its ability to keep its user warm all through make it one of the reasons it is on this list. The shell of this puffer jacket is made of 100% nylon as well as its lining, which helps in trapping and sustaining your body heat, providing you with the best form of insulation.

One of the best jackets for cold weather. The jacket features a front full zipper closure and a stand-up collar which keeps the neck region warm. The zip pockets help to secure your stuff better and it has 2 inside pockets, large enough to contain your smartphones.

The elasticized cuff and drawstring closure helps in trapping your body heat. You do not have to worry about the sizing as the product is true to size. You can just check the size chart of the product and order your actual size. You can get it at a relatively cheap amount. It comes with a carry bag and can be easily washed using a washing machine.


  • Offers comfort.
  • It is lightweight and waterproof.
  • Features deep pockets for some gears.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Resistant to the wind.
  • True to size.


  • Not the best for heavy rainfall.

2.Amazon essentials men’s lightweight water-resistant packable hooded puffer jacket.

best down hunting jacket

This is a modification of the amazon essentials men’s packable puffer jacket. The major difference between the two is the fact that one has a collar and the other has a stand-up collar. This is an extremely lightweight jacket and also one of the most selected best down hunting jacket.

It is a 3 layered construction type, with its shell made of 100% nylon which makes it a bit impervious to light rainfall, and 100% nylon for the lining which helps to trap heat, keeping you warm all through and the third layer is made of high-quality fill material which is 100% polyester. A material that is flexible and offers comfort.

The jacket has 2 interior pockets for storage, which are large enough to contain your smartphone and some navigation devices. The jacket features a front zipper closure and a hood which help to protect your head and neck region from the elements. The jacket is true to size. The size chart range from XSmall to 2XL sizes. Choosing your size has been made easy.


  • Offers comfort
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Relatively cheap.


  • It does not perform well against rainfall.

3.Arcturus warrior kid’s ghille suit.

best down hunting jacket

You could make you kids to be more enthusiastic about hunting by getting them one of these ghille suit. This wonderful hunting costume is definitely going to make them happy. This suit is basically all the kids need. This lightweight ghille suit is designed with double stitched synthetic thread which is made resistant to rain and spill, a good option for cold weather.

Plus it has a hood and the kids can cover their body from head to toe with the suit helping them to stay warm all through, even in cold weather. This suit comes with several interesting features which protect kids from the elements such as the matching Boonie cap which covers the entire with a built-in face veil, a face screen among others. The suit comes with an adjustable jacket with a button front and pants which allow you to have a snug fit. It’s otherwise known as kid’s best down hunting jacket.

The thread of the suit is double stitched to prevent it from shredding and snagging. The return policy of this product is pretty good as you can easily return it if you are not pleased with it to get a replacement. The adjustable fit allows for layering in cold weather. The suit serves as good camouflage.


  • Offers Comfort
  • Made with high-quality material.
  • Resistant to rain.
  • Comes with pocket


  • It is the best for very cold weather.

4.Suokeni men’s waterproof ski jacket

best down hunting jacket

This is not your regular jacket. Not only is this jacket designed to be lightweight, it is also made to perfectly keep you warm while it is impervious to rain. It is made of high-quality fabric, 100% polyester. This is a fabric that does not wear down quickly and it allows moisture-wicking, making it dry quickly if you sweat. Plus it allows adequate airflow, which helps to keep you cool at a warm temperature.

This product is totally waterproof, as the zippers used are not left out as they are made resistant to moisture in order to keep you warm. Suokeni men’s jacket is designed with a windbreaker shell that prevents cold wind from penetrating the jacket, allowing you to enjoy maximum insulation. This is a result of the DWR coating applied to the shell.

The cotton lining of this jacket helps to trap heat effectively. Asides from the fact that this jacket is waterproof, the product has anti-scratch properties and it is highly resistant to wear, which ensures its long-lasting properties. The strong textile fiber fabric shell helps to reduce the risk of injury while searching for games. This product boasts several pockets with zipper closures. Two zippered side pockets, 1 waterproof pressing glue breast pocket, and one zippered inner pocket. The sizing ranges from small to 2XL and the product is true to size.

You can order for your exact size. One of the amazing things about this jacket is the fact that it comes with a detachable and adjustable hood, which keeps your head and neck region warm. You can easily detach the hood during hot weather.


  • The jacket is true to size.
  • Designed to be resistant to wear.
  • Waterproof properties.
  • Windproof properties.
  • Adequate flow of air.
  • Detachable hood.


  • It is not compatible with washing machines.

5.Columbia men’s watertight ii jacket

best down hunting jacket

Columbia is a well-known brand and it is known to offer high-quality products and this particular product is not different. It has two-layer construction. The shell, which is made of 100% nylon, is designed to withstand the effect of rain, and the lining is made of 100% polyester, which is designed to effectively trap heat and keep you warm all through.  This is a lightweight jacket that offers high-quality performance. The Omni-Shield technology of the jacket makes it resistant to stain as it does not absorb liquids.

You get to stay clean all day. In case it gets dirty you can easily wipe it off. For a snug and customized fit the jacket comes with adjustable, Velcro cuffs as well as an adjustable drawcord hem, this helps to adjust the fitness of the jacket to your taste. The jacket is designed with comfort in mind. It is also breathable, allowing an adequate flow of air. In case you sweat, it gets dry easily. The jacket is true to size, which means you can order for your actual size.

All you have to do is to check the size chart of the product and choose the one which falls in your category. The sizing ranges from small to 5X tall and it is machine washable. This jacket features two side pockets to keep your stuff well secured. The abrasion-resistant chin guard helps to protect your chin while in the outdoor, elastic hem among several others. This is a good option for avid.


  • Offers comfort.
  • Resistant to water.
  • It is resistant to stain.
  • Allows adequate airflow.
  • Adjustable fitting.


  • It is a bit expensive.

Conclusion: best down hunting jacket

Your choice of the best down hunting jacket has a huge role to play in the success of your hunting trip. A good jacket that can really keep you warm throughout your trip, which will not add too much weight on you and has a high resistance to water and wind would be a great option.

Although it is also necessary to note that jackets that are scent blocking are very important since the animals are very sensitive to the odor of their predators. Having highlighted the best lightweight and waterproof down best down hunting jacket. It is left to you to choose any of the jackets mentioned in the list. I hope you find this article helpful enough.

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