5 best dog vest for duck hunting 2021

When avid hunters go on hunting trips, they go all kit up with the necessary gear, while this is a great gesture it is imperative to take note of the welfare of your dog as well. Dogs are great hunting companions and you should treat them well with the best dog vest for duck hunting.

Duck hunting requires entering the water to retrieve your game. Since the dog would be doing most of the dirty work of retrieving your game from the cold water, you need to keep them warm as much as possible. One of the things to do is to get your dog a hunting vest that is designed for duck hunting.

It does not only keep your dog warm, it as well aids floatation while swimming and at the same time protect your dog from cuts caused by thorns and sticks.

It would take a whole lot of research to get the best dog vest for duck hunting and I have decided to ease you of the stress by making a detailed review of the best dog vest for duck hunting. This article provides other information, ensure you read to the end for the full details.

Top 5 best dog vest for duck hunting.

  1. Hurtta worker hunting/ sportsman dog vest.

One thing you would want to avoid at all costs is shooting your dog unknowingly. This is possible especially when the dog has no vest for distinguishing it.  You can increase visibility by getting this Hurtta worker hunting/s sportsman vest. It helps in recognizing your dog easily.

This is not an extra load on the dog which would weigh it down.  It is a lightweight vest that offers the needed efficiency. The vest is made of weatherproof houndtex material and Cordura fabric both ensuring long-lasting usage plus it is lined with a soft fabric that looks like a mesh, allowing adequate airflow. The Cordura fabric also protects your dog from scratches while the dog is moving in the bush.

The vest also has a zip fastening which comes with a locking mechanism on the sides as it remains snug fit. Since there are different breeds of dogs with varying body sizes. You would have to check the size chart to know the size which fits your dog the most.

You would not want to spend a lot of money on a vest just to have it get torn by thorns. A major reason for making it with durable materials that are resistant to the effect of thorns and sticks. There are several loops on the vest to which you can attach a bell or a leash, Above reason and more is why this unique product is among our best dog vest for duck hunting.



  • The product offers durability.
  • It is resistant to a lot of weather elements.
  • A lightweight product.
  • Offers value for money.
  • It prevents the dog from cuts and scratches.
  • It is resistant to abrasion.


  • Choosing the size can be a little bit difficult.
  • The product is very expensive.
  1. Carhartt pet harness neoprene dog vest.

At a really affordable price, you get to give your dog the needed protection as the vest is quality-based. Your dog gets to enjoy adequate warmth while wearing this vest as it is made with durable material which offers warmth and protection against thorns and bush.

Made with polyester and neoprene material which is believed to aid floatation. You do not have to worry about weight as this vest is just the lightweight vest you need to get for your dog. It comes with a lot of easy-to-grab handle holes plus a During where you can easily attach a leash to and to keep the vest fit the dog’s body.

There are adjustable hooks and loops at the shoulder and back region of the vest. Check the sizing chart before placing an order in order to get the right size for your dog. The vest is apparently resistant to water. Try to get this for your hunting dog. Definitely, it is worth being one of your best dog vest for duck hunting when trying to check out for dog vest.



  • The product is relatively cheap, especially when compared to other products in its category.
  • It offers great value for money. You get the quality you ordered for.
  • It is resistant to water and other forms of moisture.
  • Contains a leash and bell attachment loop.


  • There are issues with fitness.
  • Can be pulled off by aggressive dogs.
  1. Bolux dog harness, no pull reflective dog vest.

One of the amazing things about this vest is its versatility. You can wear this for your dog in order to perform other tasks aside from hunting. When you go out hunting, identifying your dog should not be a problem with this harness as it is reflective even at night.

It comes in different sizes and would work for a variety of dog breeds. It offers comfort to your dog as it distributes the pulling pressure evenly to the body which eventually prevents choking as well as prevents them from pulling the harness off. The D-ring on the vest helps you to connect a leash easily.

You can be sure that this is one of the lightest vests you would get plus it is made of durable materials which are resistant to abrasion and as well ensures that it last long. It has a dimension of 15.75 x 11.82 x 0.39 inches.



  • This is a very durable vest.
  • Offers great value for money.
  • This is relatively cheap.
  • It is a lightweight product.
  • Offers protection to the belly of the dog against thorns and sticks.


  • The Velcro closure is not the best, could have been made better.
  1. One tigris Tactical dog harness vest with handle.

If you are worried about your dog pulling the harness off, then you should get this particular product for your dog as it is made to fit your dog in such a way that it would be difficult for the dog to pull it off. It comes with a lot of features that make it unique and also make it among the best dog vest for duck hunting.

Nevertheless, it is sold at a relatively cheap price. Getting the perfect size for your dog is very easy. All you need to do is to get the sizing chart and to take the measurement according to the brand’s direction. Some of the amazing features of this product are its front chest K9 ID patch panel, the soft breathable mesh lining, the solid UTX duraflex buckles, a uniqueX bungee design, and many more.

The product is made from durable 1000D nylon with mesh padding. It has two metal D-Rings, one for the training of the dog while the other you can attach your leash to it. The product is also covered by the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty. In case you did not get what you want you can always contact customer care.



  • A very cheap product.
  • Offers warmth to the dog as well as protection against cut and scratches.
  • It is a lightweight product.
  • Offers durability.


  • The straps are not the best, could be made better.
  1. Paws aboard dog life jacket.

This is specially made for the water. Definitely not your vest, it is all in one quality. Nothing beats being able to easily see your dog while in the woods hunting. To aid more visibility, I would recommend that you get Paws aboard dog life jacket.

It is imperative to get the right size for your dog. You would not want to see your dog struggling with the vest, so you would have to take accurate measurements of the dog and the most important one is the girth measurement.  The neoprene fabric used in making this product has a quick-dry feature as well as breathability and the product aids swimming as well.

A perfect fit for duck hunting dogs. The adjustable collar and the Velcro secured mesh helps to keep it a snug fit as well as ensure comfortability. Your hunting buddy needs to be comfortable hence you need to check out this product when choosing your best dog vest for duck hunting.



  • It offers adequate airflow.
  • It offers comfortability.
  • Aids floating while swimming.
  • Offers protection to the dog.


  • The buoyancy feature is not well balanced.

Things to consider while choosing best dog vest for duck hunting.

  • Visibility: your dog might have the kind of fur which blends easily with the woods making it difficult to find your dog. Although very rare, there is a tendency to mistakenly shoot your dog. You definitely would not want that. Putting this into consideration, you need to get a vest that aids the visibility of your dog. This is very important.
  • Buoyancy: this is not a thing for all dog hunting vests but you need to get a vest that would aid your dog’s swimming. This is common with vests made with neoprene. Neoprene does not only aid swimming it also keeps your dog warm.
  • Adjustable straps: this cannot be stressed enough. The importance of a vest that fits snugly into your body is to be compared to nothing else. A vest that does not fit well might irritate the dog you should get the ones with adjustable straps which aids ease of wearing it.
  • Leash access: the leash helps you to keep the dog from wandering around. A good way to keep your dog close to you is by using a leash and the experience gets better when the vest has D-Ring for attaching the leash easily.
  • Price: expensive can be relative nevertheless it would be good to make research on the dog vest you want to buy just to know how to plan your budget. It would be good if you pay more to get a good quality product rather than buy a product you would regret.
  • Materials used: there are several materials used in making dog vests. When you plan to get a dog vest you should go for the ones made with quality products. Some of the commonest are neoprene, nylon, polyester among others.
best dog vest for duck hunting

Benefits of getting your dog a hunting vest.

Dog vests have a lot of advantages offered to a dog. It is one of the gears for a hunting dog. The same way you get your hunting gears together, it is imperative to get that of your hunting dog as well. Some of the benefits the vest offers is

  • Agility: in a situation where the dog is kept warm and protected from potential cuts. The dog would be glad to help retrieve your game as fast as possible.
  • Floatation: there are cases where the dog would need to swim a short distance in order to get the game. The vest helps to keep them afloat.
  • Willingness: when your dog gets used to the way you treat it. I would definitely be willing to follow you on your next hunting trip.

Final verdict: best dog vest for duck hunting.

If you are going to be choosing a dog as your hunting buddy you should be intentional about the welfare of the dog. A vest that would keep the dog warm, protect it from thorns, sticks, and the bush which could cause cut and can aid it while it swims should be a priority.

I have written extensively on the dog vest brands you can get for your dog. All the brands have amazing features. A reason they are on the list but I would recommend the Hurtta worker hunting/ sportsman vest. Although expensive with all its amazing features it is worth it.

The product has all you can wish for in a dog vest. Made with Cordura material which is resistant to tear and ensures high visibility. The warmth it offers is another reason to check it out. While a lot of dog vests for built for the cold season.

Hurtta goes with all seasons as it is breathable, allowing adequate air flow during hot weather while it keeps the dog warm during cold weather. It is made weatherproof. The lightweight feature helps make it comfortable for the dog to go with plus it is long-lasting. This is a vest you would be glad you spent money on.

best dog vest for duck hunting


Measurement is key. Irrespective of how beautiful or quality-based the vest is, it would be useless if you do not buy the correct size.

You need to take the measurement of the dog, the neck, back length especially the girth region in order to get the right size.

Having read the article, getting the best dog vest for duck hunting should not be a problem any longer. You can always go for any of the brands on the list.

Enjoy your hunting buddy time.

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