best camping mattress for heavy person 2021

Getting any of this for a heavy sleeper can be a bit difficult and tiring as most of this sleeping system have weight capacity and that is why I have compiled a list of the best camping mattress for heavy persons you should consider the next time you plan to go for outdoor activity.

How well you were able to rest after hiking or sleep at night while camping is one thing you should not joke with. First-timers would definitely want to go on another camping trip if they had slept on a good sleeping system during the previous camp.

Several types of camping mattress you can get such as air mattress which can be inflated by pumping air into it, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, cot which is usually elevated with frames, self-inflating airbed among others You might not get all the comfort you would have gotten while sleeping at home in the outdoors but any of these camp mattresses would serve as an alternative and still give you a comfortable sleep.

Things to consider before choosing the best camping mattress for heavy person.

Getting a camp mattress that is comfortable enough for a heavy-weight person is not always as easy as it seems. You cannot just walk into a store to pick any camp mattress and go back home. There are several things that might go wrong with it, you are hereby encourage to check out the following when choosing best camping mattress for heavy person of your choice.

You might sink in too much, making it difficult to get out of bed and as a heavy person, you would not want a situation whereby you would wake up with a stiff neck, your comfort is one key thing to consider. Preference would definitely play a huge role but these factors will help you in making the right choice. Below are some of the factors, you need to put into consideration when selecting the best camping mattress for heavy person.

Weight: this has to be the first on the list. It has to do with the capacity of weight the camp mattress can withstand. You can get a different camp mattress with a varying weight limit. You should check the weight limit and choose the one that matches your weight so you do not weigh more than the weight limit, so you do not pop the mattress while you sleep, which could cause injury.

Size: a heavy-weight camper on a twin-sized mattress might not be the best option.  The mattress is meant to give you comfort. Sleeping on a camp mattress with a size smaller than what would normally work for you might take away that comfort. In case you would not be the only one sleeping on it, you would need to get a mattress that is wide enough. So the next time you plan to get a camp mattress, make sure you compare sizes.

R-value: you might have seen the R-value rating on a camp mattress and you kept wondering what it is and why it is there. Well, the R-value has to do with the level of insulation the camp mattress is offering. In case you are camping in really cold weather, the R-value would keep you insulated from the effect of the cold ground. The R- is believed to stand for resistance. Camp mattress with an R-value of 3 or more should do.

Self-inflating: most campers prefer a camping mattress that is self-inflating as it saves time and stress. You do not have to keep stressing yourself with a pump. Although it might be a bit more expensive but I think it is usually worth it.  You should consider getting one.

Valve types: usually air mattress comes with valves that are used for the inflating and deflating the mattress. Some do come with two valves one for inflating and the other for deflating. You might like to go for it.

Price: make research on the price range of the type of mattress you want to buy. This will help you plan your budget. Having to spend more on a good quality sleeping system is not a bad idea. It is all about ensuring your comfort. Although there are camp mattresses of good quality you can get without breaking the bank.

Space in your tent: it will end up being a waste of resources if you buy a camp mattress larger than your tent and sleeping outside your tent would not be the best. Make a tent in your house to check its capacity before placing an order on a sleeping system.

Best camping mattress for heavy person

  1. Intex Dura-beam deluxe comfort plush airbed series.

best camping mattress for heavy person

Airbeds are one of the most popular sleeping systems for the best camping mattress for heavy person, and they provide enough comfort to last the night, preventing disturbances from rocks and debris on the ground. Intex dura-beam airbed happens to be on my list due to its amazing features and it is one of the best you would get.

This product is a queen-sized airbed that can support the weight of any user weighing 600 pounds or less and it is made of quality material, an inflatable plastic with a firm firmness rating which is a good fit for heavy people. You do not have to worry about the plastic, it is for support.

The soft flocking is what gives the comfort making you comfortable all night as you sleep. In order to keep your fitted sheet from slipping, it comes with indented sides weight of this product is about 19.36 pounds.

The product is covered by the brand’s 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and a good return policy. You can easily return it if you are not pleased with it or it gets damaged within the stipulated time. Intex dura-beam airbed comes with other accessories like a carry bag for easy transport, a repair patch, and an electric air pump to inflate it.


  • Designed for comfort.
  • Covered by 1-year warranty.
  • Suitable for heavy persons.
  • Comes with an air pump for inflation.


  • Edge support is a bit weak.
  • It loses air slowly.
  • Can easily get punctured.
  1. Intex dura-beam standard single-high airbed series.

best camping mattress for heavy person

This is another Intex product with amazing qualities. This product is relatively cheap. A perfect fit for anyone weighing 600 pounds or less and it creates enough support for users. This 10 inches twin-sized airbed is high enough to prevent you from having a rock or debris feel while sleeping. The inflatable plastic gives enough support and it is engineered with patented Fiber-Tech technology which ensures the durability of the product and the comfort it offers these great features make it one of the best camping mattress for heavy person to be considered when next you choosing for your next camping gear.

With a weight of about 4.3 pounds, it is considered ultra-lightweight. Though lightweight it has a firm firmness rating. A good option for heavy users. Dura-beam standard single-high airbed comes with a 2 in 1 valve with an extra-wide opening which ensures fast inflating and deflating of the bed. The product is covered by the brand’s 90-day limited warranty with a good return policy.

You can always return it when you have an issue with it especially when it is within the stipulated time. You either a refund or replacement.


  • Offers enough comfort.
  • It is lightweight for easy packaging and transport.
  • 2 in 1 valve for inflating and deflating it.


  • Does not come with a pump.
  • It deflates on its own.
  1. Invoker camping sleeping pad.

best camping mattress for heavy person

Sleeping pad is one good options for the best camping mattress for heavy person as it offers a top-notch comfortable sleeping experience. This is one of the best sleeping pads you would ever get. Invoker camping sleeping pad is a new product and was first released in the year 2021. Though being a new product, it is a quality product and it comes with several amazing features.

The sleeping pad has a height of 2 inches, high enough to prevent disturbance from debris on the floor. Invoker sleeping pad comes with an inbuilt orthopedic cervical pillow with an extra 2 inches which is designed to reduce pressure on the neck and back joint, reducing pain and discomfort in these regions.

One of the amazing features of this product is its resistance to wear and tear. The high-quality Rip stop nylon and elastic foam does the magic and you do not have to worry about squeaky noise from nylon as it has been treated with abrasion-resistant TPU. More so you do not have to get a pump before inflating it as it is a self-inflating sleeping pad which inflates itself by pressing a button with a fast inflation period of about 20 to 25 seconds.

You can use the pad in and out of season, as it is designed for all seasons and it has a high R-value of about 8.5 which ensures a high insulation to cold. In case you buy this product and you seem not to be satisfied with it, you can send a message to the manufacturers and you either get a refund or a replacement as the manufactures ensure risk-free buying. This is definitely a good option for heavy sleepers.  Finally, for ease of transport, it comes with a storage bag.


  • It is resistant to water.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Wear and tear-resistant.
  • High R-value.
  • Suitable for all seasons.


  • Difficult to deflate.
  • Not high enough. Might be difficult for heavy users to get out of bed.
  1. Sleepingo double sleeping bag.

best camping mattress for heavy person

Sleeping bag is one of the best sleeping systems for cold weather. You get more protection from the elements while you sleep in a sleeping bag.

Sleepingo double sleeping bag is one sleeping system you can afford to leave behind. It is a queen-sized sleeping bag, giving enough room for two adults. It has a dimension of 87 inches by 59 inches which are big enough to take more than one person.

Since it is a double sleeping bag, you can either have the queen size to yourself, or in case it is to be used by two individuals you can take a twin size space. It has a zipper that divides it into two. The product is durable it happens to be resistant to rip and is designed to keep you warm all through the night. The tough and durable outer shell is made of super-strong waterproof and camping-grade polyester fabric and this is what makes it sturdy.

The product is extremely lightweight weighing about 3 pounds only with inner lining which is made of cotton gives the comfort it offers, plus it has a great return policy.


  • Rip resistant.
  • Resistant to water.
  • Comfortable and durable.


  • A bit on the expensive side.
  • Might get disturbed by rocks and debris on the floor.
  1. Coleman camping cot, air mattress, and pump combo.

best camping mattress for heavy person

This is the 5th sleeping system on my list and you can trust it, it is not the least. All 5 made the list, due to the qualities they possess. Coleman camping cot is one of the best in its category of best camping mattress for heavy person.

This is actually a combination of an air mattress and a cot. It is a queen-sized mattress that gives enough room for more than one person. You just get that home feel while sleeping on this cot as it is a replica of your bed at home.

One of the amazing things about this product is the fact that you can easily pack it, as the frame is foldable for easy transport. The product can support the weight of users weighing 600 pounds or less and it has a net weight of 42 pounds.

The airtight system, as well as the double lock valve, ensures there is no leakage while sleeping on it and it provides comfort for your body. The air mattress is designed to manage pressure so you do not wake up with neck pains.


  • Elevation from the ground.
  • Superb support system.


  • It is quite heavy.
  • Relatively expensive.


best camping mattress for heavy person

Preference has a role to play in making a choice. What you want might be different from what the other person wants and this is why I decided to give you varieties of the camp mattresses to try out. All products highlighted are of high quality and suitable for heavy users considered to be best camping mattress for heavy person all year round.

Make your next camp trip a memorable one by choosing any of the products highlighted in this article as these are the best camp mattress for heavy persons you would get. I hope you will find this guide helpful

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