best backpack for 3 day hike

Avid hikers know how important backpacks are for hiking trips. It is in fact considered the most important gear. As a new hiker, If you are truly interested in going on a hiking trip, you would need to get the best backpack for 3 day hike.

Your hiking trip might come out terrible if you go hiking without a good backpack, as all other essential gears like medications, navigation devices, tent, sleeping bag and pads, food, trekking pole among others are stored in or on a backpack. This shows how important backpacks are.

For a day to three days hike, you would need a backpack that is lightweight, large, and strong enough to pack enough essentials that would sustain you for the period of time you intend to spend.

Getting a good backpack with such qualities might not be as easy as it seems but notwithstanding, I have tried to make things easier by reviewing the top 5 best backpack for 3 day hike. You have a variety to choose from.

Things to consider before buying the best backpack for 3 day hike.

  • Weight: you would be adding a lot of weight to the backpack as you use it to pack your tent, sleeping bag, food among others. The last thing you would want to do is to buy a heavy backpack. That would amount to too much stress. Check for the weight of the pack you are about to buy and make a comparison to know if it is not too heavy.
  • Volume or capacity: since you are not going to be having a party in the wild or packing the gears of the whole group you would need to have to watch the volume of the backpack. A pack of more than 70 liters might just be too big except what you intend to pack requires such. A backpack in the range of 35 to 70 liters should be able to serve you.
  • Price: there is nothing much about price. Compare prices and quality, these would help you plan your budget better. It would be good to spend more on a good quality pack than buy a cheap product which would later turn out terrible. Although there are backpacks of great quality which you could get without having to empty your wallet.
  • Accessories: although some people consider extra pockets as unnecessary those pockets could actually do wonders. More so there are other accessories to check for such as hydration sleeve if you are the type wholes to drink from hydration bladder, internal frame, a good shoulder, and hip padding, and so on.
  • Materials: the materials used in making the pack have a lot to do with the weight of the pack and its durability. Most lightweight backpacks are made of nylon. Nylon also works well in resisting water. You should check for the materials used in making the pack before buying. Polyester fabric and Dyneema composite fabric are great options as well. They resist tears and water.
  • Return and warranty policy: in case you would be purchasing the product online, it is imperative that you check for the seller’s return policy as well as the manufacturer’s warranty policy. The pack might develop issues and you would not want a situation whereby there would be no way to return it. You should always check for these policies before making that order.

Best backpack for 3 day hike.

The following products are the top 5 best backpack for 3 day hike. They are arranged in no particular order.

  1. TETON sports oasis 1100 cubic inches hydration pack.

Teton sports oasis hydration pack should help you achieve that wonderful solo hiking trip you have been longing to embark on. With the compactness of the bag, it is certain that the pack is lightweight and it offers comfort as well, weighing just 2 pounds and it comes with comfortable straps plus a high-density foam stabilizer and a mesh covering.

The integrated rain cover makes this backpack perfectly waterproof, keeping your stuff dry throughout the hike. You can always get it from the bottom of the pack. More so, it is sewn-in you do not have to worry about misplacing it, as it is always intact.

Although the pack is smaller than most hiking backpacks it will still serve its purpose. The backpack has a volume of 18 liters, which is about 1100  cubic inches, which is enough to pack your gears and it comes with an hydration port that can take an hydration bladder of 2 liters capacity, keeping you hydrated all through your hike. With the adjustable straps, you can adjust the pack to have a snug fit. This product has proven beyond all doubt why it’s among the best backpack for 3 day hike.

best backpack for 3 day hike


  • It offers comfort to the user.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The hydration bladder capacity is large enough to keep you hydrated.


  • It is too small for adults.
  • It is expensive for backpacks in its category.
  1. WolfmanX men’s backpack, large capacity military tactical hiking expandable backpack.

This is one backpack you should try out. This is a highly durable backpack as it is made with high-quality materials such as a 600D nylon fabric and polyester which makes it waterproof and to a large extent resistant to tear. Almost everything on the backpack can be adjusted, the size of the bag, the strap, and so on.

It comes with a regular volume of 39 Liters that is about 2380 cubic inches and can be expanded to about 60 Liters or 3905 cubic inches. The regular size has a dimension of 21 inches × 15 × 8 inches and can increase to a dimension of 21 x 15 x 13 after expansion, which is the height, length, and width respectively.

This is the perfect best backpack for  3 day hike. It has  4 main loading spaces to accommodate all your gears and another small compartment that is designed for keeping gadgets, navigation devices, and other handy gears. Although the backpack does not come with a hydration bladder nevertheless the hydration port which comes with it can hold a 3 liters hydration bladder.

With all these, it is still lightweight with a weight measuring just 3.6 pounds. The backpack has 2 walkie-talkie pouches on the backstrap of the pack, a molle system in front, and can be expanded using the zipper by the sides of the pack. This unique product must be checked out when selecting your best backpack for 3 day hike.


  • The pack is large enough to accommodate several gears.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • Pack can be adjusted to your desired size.
  • Several compartments included.
  • It is relatively cheap when compared to others in its category.


  • The pack does not come with a bladder.
  1. Wintming 70L camping and hiking backpack.

There are several things in the wild that could possibly cause your backpack to scratch, this is the reason why the manufacturers decided to get a solution to abrasion by using quality materials that are resistant to the effect of scratch and abrasion generally.

It is water and tear-resistant. With the 900D oxford fabric, tear and water have no effect on it. You can hike with it, while the rain is falling. The oxford material and the rain diverting flap would keep your stuff perfectly dry as all the possible stress points on the pack have been reinforced.

There is no way water is getting in. The backpack has a 70cliters volume, with the main compartment taking 45 liters, which is large enough to take in your stuff. More so it has several compartments to keep other small gears. A good option for the best backpack for 3 day hike.

The great ergonomic design of the backpack is just superb as it offers maximum comfort to its user. It is designed with a waist belt, chest strap, and shoulder straps which allow adequate airflow, you get to enjoy your trip without any hassle. You should consider this pack for your next hike. You can contact the manufacturers in case you have issues with it for a possible replacement or refund.


  • The pack is lightweight and durable.
  • Offers comfort and adequate airflow.
  • It is relatively cheap.
  • Has a large main compartment.


  • The zippers are not heavy-duty.
  1. Fengdong 40L waterproof lightweight backpack for men and women.

Nothing beats having a backpack that is highly resistant to water. You would not want your stuff soaked with water. In that case, Fengdong waterproof backpack is the best backpack for 3 day hike you need as it is made with a thick, tear, and water-resistant polyester fiber and nylon material.

So you do not have to worry about your pack getting wet. This is the lightweight backpack you have always wanted as it weighs just 1.9 pounds and it is comfortable to carry. The ergonomic design of the pack is one to look forward to with the fact that it aids its user’s comfort.

It is compact and has a breathable mesh on the shoulder strap which helps in relieving stress from one’s shoulder while allowing adequate ventilation. Plus the straps are reinforced and durable.

The backpack has a large capacity with a dimension of 20.5 inches by 13inches by 7.1 inches and a 40 liters storage space with several compartments for keeping and arranging your stuff from the largest one to the smallest, which comprises of the zipped main compartment, zipped front pocket, and side pockets, as well as hiking pole, lashing.

The return policy is superb, in case you have an issue with it and return it within the stipulated time or probably contact the manufacturers you could possibly get a return or replacement.


  • Has several compartments for packing and arranging your stuff.
  • The pack is extremely lightweight and comfortable.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Resistant to water and abrasion.
  • The pack is relatively cheap.


  • The pack has no hydration bladder nor does it have a port for it.
  1. Bseash waterproof lightweight hiking backpack with rain cover.

This is one of the best 60 liters backpacks you would get, with a great ergonomic design that guarantees the comfort of its users. The pack is made with a combination of durable nylon fabric and polyester which are resistant to tear and water.

Plus it has a rain cover to make it completely waterproof during rainfall and lightweight with a weight of 2.1 pounds. The shoulder strap has a breathable mesh and sponge padding which is effective for relieving stress on the user’s shoulders, breathable back support which allows adequate airflow.

Although it has no internal or external frame it offers great support. You can adjust the bag in order to get a snug fit with the help of the 8 straps which it has and you can also use the straps to tie other gears. A great option for three days trip.

Bseash has a capacity of 60 liters and several Compartments some of which are the main compartment, the rain cover storage bag, which is located at the bottom, a shoe warehouse, two zipped pockets, hiking pole lashing and many more. The pack is covered by the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty.


  • Has a large main compartment and several other compartments.
  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • The product is breathable and resistant to rain.
  • Relatively cheap.


  • Straps are not strong enough.
  • Not suitable for carrying heavy stuff.


The backpack is one of the most important gears as it aids the packing and storing of other gears. Not all backpacks are designed for the wild and that is the major reason why you should know what to buy and I have done justice to it by reviewing 5 backpacks you can choose from.

You can choose any of the backpacks, they are all of the great quality but I would recommend WolfmanX men’s military expandable backpack. It is specifically made for the wild and its resistance to abrasion and moisture is one thing to reckon with.

Plus its expandable feature allows you to adjust the pack’s capacity from 39 liters to 60 liters allowing you to pack as many gears as possible. It is tested and guarantees durability. You can get it at an affordable price and it is just sufficient for the best backpack for 3 day hike.

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