Backyard camping activities

Camping is fun, especially when you go out camping with your family during the holidays. There would be a lot of things to do at the campsite, but what if you do not have enough resources or you do not have a recreational vehicle to pack your supplies or maybe you consider the weather of the campsite to be too harsh. That should not stop you from having fun with your family.

You can still have fun irrespective of the challenges that you might be facing. There is always an alternative, you can make your backyard your campsite and still have that outdoor camp feeling with a lot of backyard camping activities. This article will give you an insight into things you need to know about indoor camping.


How to make camping in your backyard fun

You can not afford to make your family bored while camping in your backyard or it might Mar the passion of the first-timers for camping. You definitely would not want that to happen. Here is a checklist of the things you need to do to make your indoor camping lively.

  • Set up: setting up has to do with everything you can possibly think of when it comes to camping. Get your camping chairs and tables. Set up your canopy, tent, or umbrella as the case may be. Get your camping gears ( the ones you would have used for an outdoor camp). Set up the windbreaks and every other thing needed.
  • Make a bonfire: bonfire has a special form of fun embedded in it. Children would really love it. More so it would keep you warm during the night. Note that it should not be too wild, so your neighbors would not complain.
  • Make camp rules: you might be wondering how rules would make camping fun, well if everyone kept doing what pleases them, it would definitely spoil the fun. Imagine one or more of the campers going into the house to watch TV when others are in the backyard. The rules will keep them from neglecting the camp activities.
  • Bug repellent:  bugs could be a huge disturbance and that is the last thing you would want to happen. It could Mar the fun that comes with camping indoors. So keep the bugs away except you want to play scavenger hunt.
  • Play games: I know you are thinking that this should have been the first on the list. game is secondary in this case. You can play several indoor games like chess, ludo and more. Since you are in your backyard depending on how large it is, you can opt-in for some outdoor games. Like badminton, frisbee. You can play pool if you have pool accessories.
  • Drinks and snacks: there should be a lot of things to snack on. You can also make a barbecue. Food gives you the energy you need to engage in all the camp activities.
  • Go hiking: if you go hiking during outdoor camp why should you not do the same for indoor camp? Well, this will not be the same as regular hiking. You can just go hiking with your family in the neighborhood.

How can I camp in my backyard without a tent?

Not having a tent should not deprive you and your family of the fun that comes with camping. There are alternatives to tents. You can camp under a tree with shade if you have one in your backyard. You can as well use an umbrella or better still make your own tent yourself.

How to make a homemade tent for camping

Tent is one of the major prerequisites for camping. It provides you with shade. There are rare cases when you might not have the ready-made tent or the one you have is damaged and would still need one. You can make a camp tent yourself within minutes. There are few things you would need to make your tent, you would need to get them ready.

  1. Tarpaulin: this will serve as the cover. This is essential for your tent making. You would need about two of them.
  2. Rope: not just any rope, a long and strong rope.
  3. Stakes: the stakes would be attached to the tarpaulin to prevent it from blowing off.

The making:

  • Look for a good site to make your tent. Ensure it is not slopy. You might have rain issues. Also, ensure that there are no stones or sticks on the ground.
  • Get two poles/pillars if there is any around. Tie the rope firmly to the poles/pillars or trees as the case may be. Make sure the rope is high enough because that will serve as your roof.
  • Place one of the tarpaulins on the ground directly beneath the rope you have tied. Then remove all wrinkles, make sure it is well spread.
  • Attach the stakes to the edges of the tarpaulin and then hammer it to the ground with a hammer or large stone. You would need to remove the stakes before attaching the second tarpaulin, so make sure you do not hammer it too deeply.
  • Place the second tarpaulin on the rope you tied between the trees and then attach it to the tarpaulin on the ground such that the edges of the two tarpaulins meet. You can then hammer the stakes deeply.
  • You can attach the screen to the sides without covering to prevent rain from entering.

And there you have your homemade tent and enjoy all your backyard camping activities you have in mind.

Is it legal to sleep in your backyard?

Is this really necessary after all you own your house and you can use it for anything you wish, but that is not the case everywhere. There are states and cities where it is illegal to camp in your backyard even with the fact that you own the house. Although this is only illegal if camping is a long-term thing. Camping in your backyard for a week or two is not yet illegal. Note that this not a general thing. There are states and cities without such bizarre laws. So before you make a camp in your backyard it is advisable that you inquire if there is any law against it.

Conclusion: Backyard camping activities

Backyard camping could just be as fun as an outdoor camp provided you use the necessary gears and do fun-filled activities just like outdoor camping. Nothing should be a hindrance, not even a tent( you can always make yours).

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